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Love Him or List Him: Week 10


Since we’re going into the home stretch of the fantasy season I decided rather than my usual detailed write-up on a single player I would provide quick hits for a couple of players at each position to help you get ready for the run to your fantasy play-offs.




Just to be clear, Love Him doesn’t mean refuse a trade that will blow your doors off.  No player is untradeable if the price is right.  And List Him doesn’t mean trade him for a sack of dirty jock straps.  Try and trade him for what his current value is worth.




Cam Newton


Love Him.  Try and pick him up from a disgruntled Newton owner.  The Panther’s offense is starting to revert back to last season’s more successful game planning and Newton does not face a defense in the top 20 for least fantasy points given up to QB’s in weeks 10-13.  Carolina and Newton haven’t been as bad as their stats indicate.



Michael Vick


List Him.  The Eagles’ offensive line seems to be getting worse by the week and Vick is performing poorly under pressure.  Whether by design or again due to o-line troubles the team is getting little relief via the run game.  They still have to face Dallas twice before the fantasy playoffs as well as Carolina who are borderline top ten in least fantasy pts to QB’s.  Maybe you can swing a deal if you have something to offer from your bench along with Vick to a team who needs or wants a backup QB.



Robert Griffin III


List Him.  This is on the assumption that you drafted RGIII late and have a quality timeshare QB to use.  If you need help at another position you can likely get it by trading RGIII.  He’s still the second highest producing fantasy QB but I see his production dropping off.  After the week ten bye he faces the Eagles and the Cowboys then gets a break against the Giants before facing the Ravens in week 14.  It’s a bold move but sometimes you have to nut up and go all or nothing instead of standing pat and hoping the weakness of your team improves.





Chris Johnson


List Him.  Now may be the perfect time to unload Johnson, he’s only had two quality games this season.  Sure he got 20 points against the Bears but his 80 yard TD run – 14 of those points – was against second stringers when the game was out of reach.  You can’t count on that every game.  But if you have a league mate who only looks at box scores he may think Johnson has discovered his old form.  I’m not convinced that as the Titan’s season unravels CJ2K will have the drive to run hard or the opportunity to do so when the team gets behind on the scoreboard.



C.J. Spiller


Love Him.  He’s clearly out-performing Fred Jackson and I believe the rumors/suggestions that the time share will start tilting in Spiller’s favor beginning this week.  So far in games where he got more than ten carries he averaged over 5 ypc, had at least one run over 20 yards and in every game but one scored a rushing TD.  I have no clue why the Bills limit his carries but it sounds like that’s about to change.  If you have the opportunity to grab Spiller for a reasonable price I would go for it.



Michael Turner


Love Him.  All I read is how Turner looks slow, plodding, not getting any yards after contact.  That may be true, but any love for Jacquizz Rogers as a running replacement for Turner is misplaced.  His attempts may be limited this season but he hasn’t shown the ability to be an every down back at all.  He does eat into Turner’s numbers mostly as a third down receiver, but Turner is currently 16th in RB scoring so he’s still a valuable RB2.  The Falcons don’t face a top ten defense for fantasy points against the run and they also face the Saints twice between now and week 14.





Brandon Marshall


Love Him.  He’s been pretty consistent all year, with only one really bad week against Green Bay when the whole team struggled.  The only problem with him for the rest of the season is the schedule.  But he’s produced against top defenses already and should continue to do so.


Hakeem Nicks


Love Him.  He’s only had one good week and he can’t seem to get healthy.  Maybe the name recognition will get you some value in return, but probably not so you may as well hang onto him.  The Giants schedule is pretty favorable with Washington and New Orleans weeks 13 and 14.  If you can pick him up cheap over the bye week it may pay off handsomely if Nicks can play those weeks.



Dez Bryant


List Him.  This was a tough one, but Bryant is another big name receiver who is struggling to produce.  But unlike Nicks, Bryant’s troubles aren’t injury related although he has been dealing with hip and groin issues the past couple of weeks.  But he wasn’t producing much before the injury bug hit with only two games over 100 yards so far and he’s only gotten in the end zone in one game.  The Cowboys schedule is decent the rest of the way but in my opinion Bryant isn’t worth the risk that he will suddenly turn things around and produce over the rest of the season.




Antonio Gates


List Him.  Gates is still a talented receiver but whatever’s going in San Diego has infected the entire team.  I have no idea what will happen the rest of the year but I wouldn’t bank on them figuring things out in time to salvage their season.  Their schedule is so-so, if you can take advantage of Gates’ reputation and get value in return I’d pull the trigger on a deal.



Jermichael Finley


Love Him.  Finley has really struggled this year, but Rodgers keeps targeting him and has backed Finley in the press.  Green Bay seems to have righted their ship and with both Jennings and Nelson injured Finley will continue to get his targets.  I’m betting he’ll start making catches again and produce pretty regularly the rest of the way.  Their schedule the rest of the way isn’t a cakewalk but when this offense is clicking it hardly matters who they’re facing they’ll get their passing yards.



Survivor Picks: Last week I suggested San Diego, Carolina, Houston and Seattle for your elimination pool and went 4 for 4.  Not sure how many were brave enough to go with what may have seemed like a risky Carolina pick but I know I convinced at least one person I know to NOT pick the Redskins so I guess that’s just as helpful.  This week I’m suggesting Miami, New England, Baltimore and San Fran.



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