All about the Benjamin’s


So last week I am enjoying a cold one with a few friends and watching the Bears Vs. Chargers game at a local sports bar. Then all of us jumped off our bar stools  in utter joy  and became high-fiving fools as hundreds if not thousands of others did around the world after John Bostics CLEAN, LEGITAMATE, PICTURE PERFECT and flat out AWESOME hit on Mike Willie. The following week on Sports Radio and TV, current and past players talked about what a great hit it was, hell the NFL network had the video (now missing) posted under “Fantastic Hit”.




Turns out the MORONIC, INEPT, DIMWITTED Roger Goodell apparently wasn't quite as impressed and fined Bostic 21k. Goodell has NEVER played a down of NFL football, hell he didn’t even play college ball, however he with all his wisdom and experience determined the hit was illegal.










So I decided to put up a petition on to remove Roger Goodell from him role as NFL Commissioner. Yea, a wee bit naïve that it could actually make a difference, but stranger things have happened. You can check out the video of the hit here as well.




Roger Goodell could care less about player safety, what he cares about is MONEY. The concussion concern has potentially massive implications for the NFL.  As of July 1, 2013, there are more than 4,800 named player-plaintiffs in the 242 concussion-related lawsuits. Including the players’ spouses, there are more than 5,800 plaintiffs total suing the NFL over claims it hid occupational hazards that led to brain damage. The plaintiffs claim that "the NFL knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects on a player's brain of concussions; however, until June of 2010 they concealed these facts from coaches, trainers, players and the public. Really? Concealed?











Some of the names are unbelievable, Super Bowl MVPs, Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers. Everyone from punters to QB’s.  Notable participants in the claim include Kyle Turley, Art Monk, Mark Rypien, Tony Dorsett, Mark Duper, Joe Horn, Jim McMahon, Rodney Hampton, Jamal Anderson, Don Majkowski, Dorsey Levens, Conrad Dobler, Seth Joyner, Billy Joe Dupree, Don Beebe and Sean Salisbury the longtime QB who is more famous for taking pictures of his privates than his play.










We are talking about over a BILLION dollars here. If there was no money to be had this would be a non-issue…. period. Some of these guys are flat out broke and if most of these guys didn’t blow all their money on cars, coke and cocktails we would not even be talking about this.




Now of course I never want to see anyone die from playing football, however this is a game that players are paid exorbitant amounts of cash to play a game that is indeed violent and there will be injuries, some life-long. Hell lets just get rid of boxing, the UFC, hockey, rugby and watch chess.




Some parents are even pulling their kids out of playing football when they really don’t know the facts and the facts are that football isn’t so bad after all.   Many children’s activities that parents believe beneficial or at least safe from injury prove much deadlier. Over thirty skateboarders suffered fatal injuries in the US in 2012. About half a dozen kids die on US playgrounds every year. At least ten kids died during gym class in 2012 as well.There were no headlines nor did lawsuits surface calling to ban those activities in spite of the much greater loss of life and limb than football hits. There has not been a hit related death from playing NFL football since 1963 when Stone Johnson, a Kansas City rookie running back, died 10 days after he broke his neck in an exhibition game against the Houston Oilers.




So far in 2013, eighty-five brave American soldiers lost their lives defending our right to live free. At an average salary of $28,000 all eighty-five soldiers COMBINED made less than ONE back-up linebacker in the NFL. This number does not include the thousands of injured soldiers whose lives are changed forever. Some will say that’s an unfair comparison, so lets take a look at some careers a little closer to home.    




In 2012 over 350 individuals lost their lives catching our lobsters, roofing our homes, picking up our garbage, farming our land and making steel at an average salary of $48,00.00 per year. These numbers do not include the enormous amount of work related injuries that are career ending and life-long for these workers. The carpet layers are not suing for bad knees, the farmers are not suing because they have skin cancer from years of bringing corn to our tables. Why?  Because there isn’t anyone to sue.  It is simply about the benjamins.




Totally premature reviews of Week three of Pre-Season



Pats Vs. Lions



What a difference a week makes. Tom Brady and the Pats looked human again getting thrashed by Detroit 40-9 with Brady getting sacked twice and throwing another pick in addition to the rest of the team giving up more turnovers. Newcomer TE Zach Sudfeld caught all three passes thrown his way but lost a fumble. Detroit’s starting Defense looked pretty good limiting the Pats to just three 1st half points. Reggie Bush may have climbed up the draft ladder by catching five passing for over 100 yards.



Bears Vs. Raiders



Well the good news for Bear fans is that Cutler and the Bears shredded the Raiders D on Friday night, the bad news is that is was against the Raiders. The other good news for Bear fans is that they actually have guys other than Brandon Marshall to throw the ball to. The Bears scored 27 points in the first half with Cutler targeting 7 different players. Cutler is being drafted as low as the 10th round in some drafts and he may be a big surprise this year with Trestmans new offense. Matt Forte looked rock solid rushing for 76 yards and 33 yards receiving. One concern about drafting Forte is ex-Raider Michael Bush who was in for goal line duty and scored two TD’s with the starting offense.



Arguably the worst run team in the NFL, 40% of the Raiders salary cap this year is going to players no longer playing for the team. Matt Flynn looked horrendous going 3-6 and two picks while Terrelle prior looked like a young dog killer going 7-9 for 93 yards, 1 TD and rushing for an additional 37 yards and a second TD.

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