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Sign that the Devil plays fantasy football as Quarless has posted identical lines of 6 rec 66 yds 1 td in consecutive weeks. I got Jamaal Charles’d. And I’m a Raiders fan. Brutal Sunday. Hope the rest of you had good luck in your playoff matchup. On to the recap…






Redskins 26 @ Falcons 27

The battle of 3-10 teams turned into one of the more entertaining games of the day. Still can’t believe the state of these two franchises as they both were in the playoffs last year. Falcons came out and jumped on the Redskins 14-0. With RG3 shut down for the year, Cousins showed what he was made of and brought the Redskins all the way back. With 18 seconds left in the game, Shanahan decided to go for 2 and the win after Cousins threw a td to Moss. FAIL. There’s been a lot of that in Washington these days...and I’m not just talking about the sports team. Cousins ended the day 29/45 381 yds 3 tds 2 ints. Shanahan is praying that he can get a first rounder for Cousins to mitigate some of the pain that their top pick is going to the Rams. The Waiter caught 7 for 129 with a td. Moss made an appearance to the season catching 8 for 64 with a td. Davis caught a td on 1 rec for 23 yds. Alf ran 18 times for 98 yds. For the Falcons, Matty Ice went 29/38 210 yds 1 td 1 int. Tony G caught 6 for 62 with a td. Roddy had 5 rec for 53. Douglas caught 5 for 37. SJax scored twice but only gained 38 yds on 15 carries.





Bears 38 @ Browns 31

The return of Jay Cutler. Early on, Bears fan were probably cursing Trestman and calling for McCown to enter the game because Cutler looked pretty awful. He threw 2 ints and the offense couldn’t get anything going. It’s a good thing a game is 60 minutes long because the 4th quarter is when the magic happened. Literally. With the Bears trailing 24-17, Cutler heaved a pass to Jeffery who was double covered. The ball had the trajectory of an ICBM with the Browns cornerback in perfect position for a third interception. Somehow the ball eluded him and went into the paws of Jeffery for a 45 yd td. Bears scored 2 more tds after that to ice the game and maintain their lead in the NFC North. Cutler ended the game 22/31 265 yds 3 tds 2 ints. BMarsh caught 6 for 95 with a td. Jeffery had 5 rec for 72 yds with that magic td. Martellus caught 6 for 71 with his brother from another mother, Earl, catching 4 for 23 with a td. Forte continues to do what Forte do rushing 24 times for 127 yds. He only caught 1 ball for 4 though. Michael Bush lumbered 40 yds for a long td. For the Browns, their best offense was their defense. They scored on an interception return and a fumble return. Edwin Baker was the main ball carrier rushing 8 times for 38 yds with a td. The passing game was nonexistent and fantasy owners of Cameron and Gordon were berating themselves for trusting any Browns players in their fantasy playoffs. Gordon owners did get bailed out with a late 43 yd td reception to give him 3 rec for 67 yds. Cameron owners weren’t as fortunate as he only caught 3 for 23. Campbell went 23/39 273 yds 1 td 2 ints.





Texans 3 @ Colts 25

The tanking continues for the Texans as they got whooped again. Keenum is not the answer as he went 18/34 168 yds 2 ints. Can’t wait to see who they draft at quarterback. Derek Carr? How crazy would that be? AJ only had 4 rec for 18 yds. With Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham both inactive, rookie TE Ryan Griffin had a good game catching 6 for 62. Hopkins caught 3 for 52. Tate continues his free agency tour gutting out 16 carries for 72 yds with 3 rec for 20. The Colts D deserves the recognition for Indy as they held the Texans to 239 yards of total offense, garnerned 4 sacks, 2 ints, and Mathis forced a safety. With the game in hand, Pep Hamilton was able to stay conservative and pound the rock. The team ran 36 times with TRich surprisingly getting the bulk of the carries with 19 for 64 yds. He also caught 4 passes for 38 yds with a td. Brown only received 5 carries for 38 yds. Luck finished the game 19/32 180 yds 2 tds 1 int with 5 rushes for 29. Hilton was the main man catching 8 for 78. Whalen caught 4 for 45 with a td.





Patriots 20 @ Dolphins 24

After the Broncos lost to the Chargers on Thursday, things were looking very good for the Pats to secure the #1 seed in the AFC. That is until they played the Dolphins Sunday. Tannehill played great going 25/37 312 yds 3 tds and the defense came up large with constant pressure on Brady and forcing an int in the end zone to seal the win. 60 Minutes aired catching 6 for 105 with a td. Harline caught 5 for 70 and Matthews 5 for 64. Thigpen caught a td on 2 for 23 and Thomas caught a td on his lone reception. Miller paced the ground attack with 15 carries for 61 yds. Thomas received 5 carries for 16 yds. For the Pats, life without Gronk got off to an inauspicious start. Brady was 34/55 364 yds 2 tds 1 int. Edelman continued to light it up catching 13 for 139 with a td. Amendola caught 10 for 131.Blount received the most carries with 11 for 47 yds. Ridley got 8 carries for 34 yds. Vereen rushed 2 times for 13 and only caught 3 for 8.





Eagles 30 @ Vikings 48

No Adrian Peterson or Gerhart in this game so, of course, the Vikings score the most points they’ve scored all season. Go figure. Trade AP. He’s holding down Cassel!!! I kid for those that can’t sense the sarcasm. Cassel was great in this game. He completed his first 9 passes and gave his playmakers chances to make plays. He ended the day 26/35 382 yds 2 tds 1 int. Jennings caught 11 for 163 with a td. It’s amazing how useless a good receiver can become when the quarterback is inept. Patterson caught 5 for 35 with a td. Ladies and gentlemen….introducing…….drum roll…….Matt Asiata. Silence. Sounds of crickets. Asiata was the third string runningback for the Vikings. All he did was carry 30 times for 51 yds with 3 tds. He even chipped in 3 rec for 15. For those that started him, congratulations. You are either way too good or were really desperate. For the Eagles, it’s a problem when Shady only receives 8 carries and has fewer yards than Foles. Foles ended the day 30/48 428 yds 3 tds 1 int with 5 carries for 41 yds. Shady carried 8 times for 38 and caught 5 for 68. DJax caught 10 for 195 with a td. Ertz caught 6 for 57 with a td. Avant caught a td on 3 for 40. Cooper only had 4 rec for 29.





Seahawks 23 @ Giants 0

You know how dogs go around marking their territory by peeing on trees and such? The Seahawks came to NY and pee’d all over the Giants and marked their territory for Superbowl XLVIII. They gave the New York fans a taste of what to expect come February. For the NFL’s sake, if it’s Denver hope Peyton plays better than Eli because he was absolutely atrocious. He threw 5 ints to extend his league lead on 18/31 156 yds. Jernigan was the leading receiver with 7 rec for 67 yds. Myers caught 3 for 37, Cruz 2 for 25, and Nicks 1 for 5. Brown carried 11 times for 17 yds. The Giants mustered 181 yds of total offense. For the Seahawks, Wilson was 18/27 206 yds 1 td 1 int with 8 rushes for 50. Tavaris Jackson made an apperance because the game got so out of hand. Baldwin caught 6 for 71 with a td. Tate caught 2 for 25. Beastmode carried 16 times for 47 yds and caught 6 for 73.





49ers 33 @ Buccaneers 14

Another dominating performance for the 49ers. I definitely did not believe in them coming into this year, but they have been playing great ball and look poised to make another deep run in the playoffs. Kaepernick went 19/29 203 yds 2 tds with 7 rushes for 39. Davis caught 5 for 79 with a beautiful 52 yd td. Crabtree continues to get back into the groove catching 5 for 45 with a td. He is going to be huge for Kaep and the 49ers in the playoffs. Boldin caught 3 for 43. Gore carried 22 times for 86 yds and eclipsed the 1000 yd mark on the season, which gives him 7 seasons in a row. For the Bucs, they were held to 183 yds of total offense. Glennon was 18/34 179 yds 2 tds 1 int. Wright caught 7 for 82 with a td and VJax 5 for 58 with a td. Rainey was stymied carrying 11 times for only 27 yds.





Bills 27 @ Jaguars 20

The Bills were finally able to slow down the Kahn juggernaught. EJ Manuel went 17/24 193 yds 2 tds 1 int with 10 carries for 37 yds and a td. Woods caught 5 for 82 with a td. Chandler caught 5 for 54. Stevie only caught 1 for 4. FJax carried 17 times for 80 yds with Spiller getting 13 carries for 67. For the Jags, Henne went 21/36 237 yds 2 tds 2 ints. Lewis caught 4 for 54 with a td. Sanders caught the other td on 2 for 17. No MJD this game so Todman was the man carrying 25 times for 109 yds with 4 rec for 44.





Chiefs 56 @ Raiders 31

Jamaal Charles 35 @ Raiders 31

I’m a Raiders fan. I also went againt JC in one league. I’m speechless. That was the most amazing and disgusting performance I’ve ever seen. JC is great and Reid called a perfect game, but the Raiders D was an embarrassment. 2 screen passes taken to the house. Another 2 passes where linebackers attempted to cover him and were futilely running after him. JC is the Chiefs offense. Didn’t the Raiders coaching staff get the memo? Or watch film on the previous 13 games? Maybe after he scored the 2nd td, you may wanna adjust and figure that Reid is using JC. Just a thought. After the 3rd td, at least double him. After the 4th, sweep the leg? JC ran 8 times for 20 yds with a td and caught 8 passes for 195 yds with 4 tds!!!! He was the truth, the alpha, the omega….blah blah blah. He was amazing. Smith ended the game 17/20 287 yds 5 tds. Bowe caught 3 for 24. Davis got into the act carrying 9 times for 34 yds with a td. The KC D didn’t generate a sack but got 5 ints, with one being a pick 6, and 2 fumble recoveries. For the Raiders, McGloin went 18/36 297 yds 2 tds 4 ints. Pryor threw the other int. No McFadden again so Jennings carried 23 times for 91 yds with 2 tds. Streater caught 4 for 59. Holmes caught a td on 4 for 58. Rivera caught the other td on 3 for 30.





Jets 20 @ Panthers 30

With the Panthers taking care of business and the Saints losing, next week’s matchup looms large for division supremacy as both teams sport 10-4 records. In this game, the Jets showed fight but were no match in the end. Geno went 15/28 167 yds 1 td 1 int with 6 rushes for 44. The Giants wish they had Geno right about now. Cumberland caught the lone td on 3 for 50. Ivory carried 11 times for 66 yds. For the Panthers, Cam went 16/24 273 yds 1 td with 7 carries for 12 yds. Olsen was the leading receiver with 5 rec for 88 yds. Steve Smith only caught 3 for 20. DWill carried 15 times for 81 yds and caught 3 for 87 with a 72 yd td. No Daily Show in this game so Tolbert carried 12 times for 18 yds with a td.





Packers 37 @ Cowboys 36

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Wow. Wow. Wow. The Cowboys were dominating this game and led 29-10 with 6:33 left in the third quarter. The Cowboys D let Matt Flynn carve them up to the tune of 26/39 299 yds 4 tds 1 int. Boykin caught 6 for 83. I’m freaking out about Quarless now. This is the second week in a row he’s put up a line of 6 rec for 66 yds with a td. Nelson caught 5 for 61 with a td. Jones caught 3 for 49 with a td. Starks caught a td on his lone catch. After a slow start, Lacy got pumped up and carried 21 times for 141 yds with a td. For the Cowgirls, Romo ended 29/48 358 yds 2 tds 2 ints. Dez was huge catching 11 for 153 with a td. Witten caught 4 for 71 with a td. Murray carried 18 times for 134 yds with a td and caught 4 for 19. How does Dallas lose this game? Man…I don’t know what’s worse. Being a Raiders or Cowboys fan today?





Cardinals 37 @ Titans 34

This game was an overtime thriller. The Cardinals seemed to have the game in hand leading 34-17 with 6:13 left in the game, but Fitzmagic engineered 17 points to tie the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the Cards prevailed in a shootout. Fitzmagic went 36/58 402 yds 4 tds 2 ints with 3 rushes for 22. CJ?k carried 13 times for 40 yds and caught 3 for 51 with a td. Wright was a PPR beast catching 12 for 150. Washington hauled in 7 for 92 and Walker 8 for 53 with a td. Preston caught 2 tds on 3 for 27. The Cards D generated 3 sacks, recovered 1 fumble, and intercepted 2 balls with 1 going for a pick 6. Palmer wasn’t needed to sling it around in this one as he went 20/30 231 yds 1 td. Fitz caught 6 for 49 and Floyd 2 for 33. Ballard caught the td on 3 for 13. Mendenhall carried the load again with 21 rushes for 69 yds with 2 tds. Ellington carried 10 times for 71 with 4 rec for 87.





Saints 16 @ Rams 27

Great win for the Rams as they manhandled the Saints on both sides of the ball. Robert Quinn was a beast and had 2 sacks. The Rams D totaled 4 sacks, forced Payton to bench an offensive lineman, got 2 interceptions, and a fumble recovery. Brees ended the day 39/56 393 yds 1 td 2 ints with a rushing td but those numbers don’t tell the whole story. He was harassed, hurried, and hit hard and often. Colston caught 8 for 92 with a td but Graham only caught 2 for 25. Moore caught 6 for 78 and Stills 4 for 47. PT Cruiser carried 8 times for 21 with 7 rec for 62. Sproles carried 7 for 24 and hauled in 8 rec for 38. For the Rams, Stacy was the ground and pound with 28 carries for 133 yds 1 td. Pettis caught 4 for 41. Harkey caught a td on 3 for 29 and Kendricks a td on 2 for 13. Clemens ended 14/20 158 yds 2 tds. All 4 of the Saints losses have come on the road. They play the Panthers in Carolina next weekend.





Bengals 20 @ Steelers 30

Coming into this season, the Bengals were the younger brother that’s been working out all summer and felt like he was growing up into a man. The Steelers, on the other hand, were the older brother who’s been to 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While the younger brother would always respect the older brother, he felt like this was his time to assert himself. On Sunday night, the Steelers showed that they are still a force to be reckoned with and can still hang with the young bucks. They jumped out to a 30-7 lead in the third quarter. The Bengals made a furious comeback but it was too little too late. Big Ben went 20/25 191 yds 1 td 1 int. Brown caught 5 for 66 with a td. Sanders caught 5 for 38 and Miller 4 for 35. Bell continued his impressive rookie campaign carrying 24 times for 57 yds with a td and caught 5 for 50. For the Bengals, Dalton went 25/44 230 yds 2 tds. AJ Green caught 9 for 93. Jones caught a td on 5 for 48 and Eifert caught a td on 3 for 33. Gresham had 3 rec for 23 yds. Gio led the ground game with 13 carries for 33 yds 1 td and caught 2 for 13. The Law Firm only carried 4 times for 4 yds. The game got out of hand so that probably explains the lack of work for him.



Feel free to ask any questions @Stan_Son.

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