Early on it seemed like Mother Nature would win and wreak havoc upon the NFL. Instead, Mother Nature was the MVP and allowed the unthinkable and improbable to happen. Week 14 had some of the craziest games I’ve ever seen. On to the recap…








Colts 28 @ Bengals 42

Colts got throttled again. They never had a chance in this game as they went down 21-0. The Bengals toyed with the Colts. They let them get within a touchdown then flipped the switch and put the game away. A great game for Dalton as the Colts D was nonexistent. He went 24/35 275 yds 3 tds. Green was the leading receiver with 6 rec for 72 yds 1 td. Jones caught 3 for 60 1 td. Gresham caught the last td on 5 for 41. The Law Firm carried 17 times for 48 yds with 2 tds. Gio carried 12 times for 99 yds and chipped in 4 rec for 49. The Bengals were able to do whatever they wanted on offense. For the Colts, Luck tried to engineer a comeback but the defense couldn’t get a stop. He went 29/46 326 yds 4 tds. Da’Rick Rogers caught 6 for 107 with 2 tds. LaVon Brazill caught 3 for 53 with 2 tds. Fleener caught 5 for 31. Trich carried 6 for 20 and caught 5 for 68. Brown only carried 4 for 11 and caught 4 for 18. At least the Colts will be able to draft a great player….oh wait. Cleveland getting lucky? Say it ain’t so.



Falcons 21 @ Packers 22

Packers able to squeeze a win out of Flynn. The Lions lost so the division title is still within grasp. Might Aaron Rogers be coming back after all? Flynn bounced back after last week’s horrendous outing and went 24/32 258 yds 1 td 1 int. Quarless made a deal with Devil and caught 6 for 66 with a td. Nelson caught 4 for 85. Lacy owners got a scare when he injured his ankle but he was able to return to the game. He carried 20 times for 65 yds with a td and caught 3 for 25. For the Falcons, the season cannot end soon enough. Matty Ice went 20/35 206 yds 2 tds 1 int. Roddy continued his comeback tour catching 8 for 74. Davis caught a 36 yd td for his only catch. Tony G caught the other td on 3 for 25. Douglas only caught 2 for 20. SJax carried 15 times for 71 yds. Quizz only got 7 carries for 14 but caught 3 for 33. Might the Falcons be next year’s Chiefs? It’s possible. Getting back Julio and drafting a playmaker could make that a reality.



Browns 26 @ Patriots 27

The first of many crazy games on Sunday. The Browns jumped out to a 19-3 lead and dominated this game for 2 ½ quarters. Then Brady and the Pats chipped away to make it 19-14 with just under 6 minutes left in the game. The Browns responded and scored a td with 2:39 left to make it 26-14. Game over right? Negative. The game was just begininng. Brady led a td drive that took just over a minute. A beautiful onside kick was recovered. Great scheme on the onside kick. Most teams kick it to the sidelines where the defense is set up and fortified. The Pats initially set up 2 different groups to each sideline. As the kicker was about to kick, players shifted to the middle and the kick was gently nudged forward. The genius of the play was that the defense had to scramble in order to react. It was chaos which was exactly what the Pats wanted. After recovering the kick, the Pats were the recipient of a phantom pass interference call in the end zone. Brady then tossed a td to take the lead. Game wasn’t done though yet. Campbell drove the Browns into field goal range. Cundiff attempted a 58 yd field goal that was straight but not long enough. Crazy game. Brady ended 32/52 418 yds 2 tds 1 int. Vereen had a monster game catching 12 for 153 and carrying 3 times for 9 and a td. Edelman caught 6 for 64 with a td. Amendola caught the other td on 4 for 36. Gronk caught 2 for 32 but was injured and may be lost for the season. He was hit low in the legs after catching a pass. Initial word is a torn ACL. Blount carried 8 for 42 and Ridley 8 for 35. For the Browns, Campbell was great going 29/44 391 yds 3 tds. Even Belichick cannot stop Josh Gordon as he caught 7 for 151 with an 80 yd td where he torched Talib. Cameron resurfaced catching 9 for 121 with a td. Barnidge caught the last td on 2 for 49. Josh Gordon was the leading rusher with 1 carry for 34 yds. McGahee carried 14 times for 33.



Raiders 27 @ Jets 37

It’s usually tough for west coast teams to travel east to play, especially in December when it’s cold and snowing. The Jets were able to take advantage and halt their 3 game losing streak. They jumped out to a 20-3 lead thanks to a blocked punt returned for a td. Geno went 16/25 219 yds 1 td with 1 int with 5 carries for 50 1 td. He’s now thrown 20 ints on the season. Tebow could’ve done that. Kerley caught 4 for 41 with the td. Nelson caught 4 for 32, Winslow 3 for 61, and Holmes 3 for 55. Ivory led the ground game with 18 carries for 76 yds with a td. An interesting situation early on for the Raiders was that they chose to alternate quarterbacks. That experiment didn’t last long as Pryor went 2/5 20 yds. McGloin attempted the comeback going 18/31 245 yds 2 tds 1 int. Streater caught 7 for 130 with a td. Holmes 3 for 63 and Rivera 5 for 21 with a td. McFadden was inactive and so was Jennings. Reece filled in admirably carrying 19 times for 123 yds 1 td with 2 catches for 38.



Lions 20 @ Eagles 34

Early on, the snow was the story of this game. Snowblowers were needed to uncover the lines on the field. It was so bad that only 1 PAT was attempted. It was blocked. As the game progressed, it was the Eagles who were able to adapt to the elements. Foles went 11/29 179 yds 1 td 1 int with 6 rushes for 23 1 td. He finally threw an int after opening the season with a 19/0 ratio. DJax caught 4 for 59 with a td. Cooper caught 3 for 74. Shady was the man carrying 29 times for 217 yds 2 tds. Polk carried 4 times for 50 with a td. The Lions did themselves no favors by fumbling the ball 3 times. Stafford had 1 and Bell had 2. Bush was a scratch from this game after falling down in pregame warmups. It sounded like he could play but the field conditions made the Lions err on the side of caution. Stafford ended the day 10/25 148 yds. Megatron only caught 3 for 49. Bell carried 23 times for 69 yds 1 td and caught 4 for 58. Eagles are 8-5 and I was really impressed how they played in this game. Great coaching. Chip Kelly and his offense are here to stay folks. Wait until he gets all his pieces.



Bills 6 @ Buccaneers 27

Beautiful sunshine and no snow in this one. Maybe that’s why the Bills didn’t show up to play. Game was essentially iced when Rainey took it to the house 80 yds on the Bucs first drive. He ended the day with 22 carries for 127 yds 1 td. Glennon was abysmal going 9/25 90 yds 2 tds 2 ints. VJax caught 3 for 70 1 td and Wright caught the other td on 2 for 21. The Bucs D had a field day limiting the Bills to 214 yds of total offense, getting 1 fum rec, 4 ints, and 7 sacks. For the Bills, EJ Manuel went 18/33 184 yds 4 ints with 5 rushes for 29. Stevie J caught 5 for 67. Spiller was limited to 11 carries for 22 yds. FJax only carried 5 for 12 with 4 rec for 26.



Chiefs 45 @ Redskins 10

After losing to the Chargers and Broncos twice in the last 3 weeks, the Chiefs took out their frustrations on the hapless Redskins. Smith went 14/20 137 yds 2 tds. Daniel made a cameo going 1/3 17 yds 1 int. Bowe caught 4 for 69 1 td. McCluster caught 4 for 22. Charles was in charge again carrying 19 times for 151 yds 1 td with 2 rec for 8 yds 1 td. Davis also participated in the beat down with 11 carries for 30 yds 1 td. The Chiefs D/ST returned to form in this one: 6 sacks, 1 int, a punt returned for a td, and a kickoff returned for a td. Another embarassing performance for the Redskins. RG3 went 12/26 164 yds 1 td 1 int with 4 rushes for 29. The Waiter caught 5 for 37. Paulsen caught the td on 3 for 44. Alf ran 12 times for 31 yds. There were stories that surfaced on Sunday that Shanahan had issues with Daniel Snyder and RG3 last year. Basically saying that Snyder enabled RG3 to be above coaching. There were also rumblings that Shanahan could be fired. What makes it all worse for Redskins fans is that their high draft pick this year goes to the Rams. As high as the pendulum swung for RG3 last year, it’s gone the opposite way this year. People have to remember that he’s coming off major knee injury. RG3 may be great value next year.



Vikings 26 @ Ravens 29

As crazy as the Patriots game was, this game was the craziest game I’ve ever seen. There were 5 tds scored in the span of 2:05. The game was 7-6 at the end 3. 12-7 with 2 minutes to go. Pitta caught a 1 yd td from Flacco and Smith caught the 2 point conversion to the give the Ravens a 15-12 lead. The Vikings responded with a Gerhart 41 yd rumble 30 seconds later to give them a 19-15 lead. The ensuing kickoff was returned 77 yds for a td by Jacoby Jones to give back the lead to the Ravens 22-19. Cordarrelle Patterson then took a short bubble screen 79 yds to give the Vikings a 26-22 lead. With 4 seconds left, Marlon Brown caught a 9 yd pass from Flacco for the game winner. Whew. I’m exhausted. I’m still flabbergasted as to how all that happened. Flacco was 28/50 245 yds 3 tds 3 ints. Brown caught 7 for 92 with the game winner. Pitta caught 6 for 48 1 td. Dickson caught 2 for 8 1 td. Rice had a decent game carrying 17 times for 67 with 5 rec for 42. For the Vikings, Cassel was 17/38 265 yds 2 tds. Patterson ended with 5 rec for 141 yds 1 td. Jennings caught 5 for 53. Simpson caught the other td on 4 for 48. All Day injured his ankle and was carted off. Early indications are that it was a minor ankle injury. He carried 7 for 13 before exiting. Gerhart filled in with 15 carries for 89 yds 1 td.



Titans 28 @ Broncos 51

I think Peyton Manning is getting used to this cold weather thing. He went 39/59 397 yds 4 tds. The scary thing is that line could have been much better. His receivers dropped multiple balls. On the season, he’s now thrown for 45 tds with only 9 ints. 3 games to throw 6 tds to break the record? Don’t see how he fails to get it. Let me stretch my fingers before I have type all the Broncos receiver’s stats…..ok….here we go. Decker caught 8 for 117 1 td, Demarious 7 for 88 1 td, Welker 5 for 61 1 td but he left the game due to a concussion, Orange Julius 5 for 35 1 td, and Tamme chipped in 4 for 47. Moreno carried 14 times for 78 yds 1 td with 6 rec for 31 yds. Ball had a good game and looked powerful carrying 15 times for 77 yds 1 td. He did drop an easy 20 yarder early in the game. He has hands of stone. For the Titans, Fitzcraptrick was 13/24 172 yds 1 td 1 int. Hunter caught 4 for 114 with a 57 yd td. Washington caught 2 for 24 and Wright 2 for 17. CJ?k carried 12 times for 46 yds 1 td with 2 rec for 9. Greene got 9 carries for 46 yds but with 2 tds.



Rams 10 @ Cardinals 30

Good old home cooking for the Cardinals. They utterly dominated their division foe. The Cardinals D held the Lambs to 257 yds of total offense, generated 4 sacks, and procured 2 ints with one being a pick 6. Palmer went 27/32 269 yds 1 td. Fitz had a monster game catching 12 for 96 with a td. Housler caught 3 for 42 and Floyd only 2 for 26. Mendenhall carried 17 times for 41 yds with a td. Ellington returned to carry 11 times for 46 yds with a td. For the Lambs, Clemens went 16/27 181 yds 2 ints. Cook caught 3 for 49 and Bailey 3 for 46. Austin had 1 rec for 9 yds but had 1 carry for 56. Stacy was bottled up carrying 14 times for 25 yds but did score a td. Lambs could get 2 top ten picks in this upcoming draft. Yahtzee!!!!



Dolphins 34 @ Steelers 28

This game had a crazy ending. Not because of anything that happened but because of what was so close to happening. On 4th and 4 from their own 26, Big Ben snapped the ball with the Steelers trailing 34-28 with no time on the clock. Sanders caught the pass and went 20 yds then flipped it to Cotchery, who handed it to Bell, who tossed it to tackle Gilbert, who flipped it to Big Ben, who ran then passed it to Brown. Brown raced down the sideline and appeared to score the game winning touchdown but was ruled out of bounds at the 12 yd line. Crazy. Tannehil went 20/33 200 yds 3 tds 1 int and rushed 2 times for 56 yds. Clay caught 7 for 97 with 2 tds. Hartline caught 5 for 51 with a td. Thomas carried 16 times for 105 yds with a td. For the Steelers, Big Ben was 23/39 349 yds 3 tds. Brown caught 5 for 137 1 td. Cotchery caught 5 for 62 1 td. Sanders caught 4 for 57 1 td. Miller caught 3 for 56. Bell carried 15 times for 61 yds and caught 5 for 28.



Giants 14 @ Chargers 37

Another New York state team that had to travel to a sunny stadium. Another New York state team that lost and couldn’t adapt to the summer-esque weather in December. Rivers went 21/28 249 yds 3 tds. Allen was his BFF on this day catching 3 for 59 2 tds. Gates caught 4 for 50. Mathews carried 29 times for 103 yds 1 td and caught 3 for 32. He’s turning into the first round pick that AJ Smith drafted a few years ago. Woodhead continues to contribute with 7 carries for 42 yds and 4 rec for 52 yds 1 td. For the Giants, Eli was 20/32 259 yds 1 td 2 ints. What’s up with New York quarterbacks? They’ve both thrown 20 ints on the season. Geno is a rookie. What’s your excuse Superbowl champion Eli? Nicks caught 5 for 135 and Cruz 5 for 42. Still no salsa. Myers caught the td on 4 for 26. Brown carried 16 times for 81 yds and caught 3 for 15.



Seahawks 17 @ 49ers 19

A heavyweight bout. Ding Ding Ding. This game was an old school-physical-ball-control-defense kind of game. Kaepernick was 15/29 175 yds 1 td 1 int with 9 rushes for 31. Boldin caught 6 for 93 and Crabtree 4 for 40. Davis caught the lone td on 2 for 21. Gore carried 17 times for 110. For the Seahawks, Wilson was 15/25 199 yds 1 td 1 int and only carried once for 2 yds. Tate caught 6 for 65 and Baldwin 3 for 36. Willson caught the td on 3 for 70. Beastmode carried 20 times for 72 yds with a td.



Panthers 13 @ Saints 31

Home cooking prevailed again. After getting dismantled in Seattle last week, the Saints used the friendly confines of home to dominate the Panthers. Panthers couldn’t win forever and had their 8 game winning streak snapped. Brees was 30/42 313 yds 4 tds. Colston had a huge game catching 9 for 125 2 tds. Graham does what Graham does catching 6 for 58 with 2 tds. Sproles carried once for 38 yds and caught 3 for 23. PT Cruiser only had 7 carries for 14 yds. The Saints D stepped up limiting the Panthers to 239 yds of total offense and tallying 5 sacks. For the Panthers, Cam was 22/34 160 yds 1 td with 6 rushes for 48. Smith caught 6 for 49 1 td. Olsen caught 8 for 40. DWill carried 13 for 52 with 1 rec for 11. Stewart only got 1 carry for 16 and 1 rec for 16 because he injured his leg. It did not look too serious. Tolbert rushed 3 times for 12 yds. Round 2 in 2 weeks in Carolina. Should be a great game.



Thanks for reading. Hope you all had good luck in your playoff matchups.



As usual, feel free to ask me anything @Stan_Son.

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