Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Food and 3 games on Thursday. It doesn’t get any better than that. On to Sunday’s games…








Jaguars 32 @ Browns 28

The Wrath of Khan Part Deux. That’s two in a row for the Jags. What happened to PLAYING DEAD FOR TED? They must not be high on him or Mariota because they are winning their way out of the top pick. I’m thinking Commissioner Goodell told him that he’d have to shave his mustache if they didn’t win a few games. Seriously, though, give credit to Gus Bradley and his staff. This team has shown improvement as the season has progressed and they have been playing hard. Henne was 22/40 195 yds 2 tds 1 int. He engineered the game winning drive capping it with a 20 yd td pass to Shorts (6 rec 64 yds 1 td). Sanders caught 8 for 67. Lewis caught 3 for 26 1 td and Harbor caught 2 for 23 1 td. Wait? That’s 3 tds but Henne only threw 2. MJD was 1/1 8 yds 1 td. Quarterback of the future? MJD also carried 23 times for 77 yds. Cleveland fans were subjected to another Weeden start. 24/40 370 yds 3 tds 2 ints. Once again, the tunnel vision benefitted Gordon as he caught 10 for 261 yds with 2 tds. He was the first receiver EVER to have back-to-back 200 yd games. Shame on the Jags D. Didn’t you watch last week’s tape? Even if you didn’t, you gotta know Weeden locks onto him. Even if you didn’t know that, you double after the 5th catch or 1st td right? Maybe that only works in Madden 25. Cameron only caught 4 for 43. Little caught the other td on 2 for 9. Jags play on Thursday night. Hmmm. Maybe the NFL engineered 2 wins for the Jags to make this game more marketable? Good thing no one reads this.



Titans 14 @ Colts 22

Colts bounce back after getting throttled by the Cards last week. The headline of this game was that Donald Brown (14 car 54 yds 1 td) got the start ahead of Trent Richardson (5 car 19 yds). The Colts probably wish they had that first round pick to draft an offensive lineman because Luck (17/32 200 yds 1 int 5 car 42 yds) was getting pummelled all game long. Titans D had 5 sacks, multiple hurries and hits, and 1 interception. Hilton was the leading receiver with 5 rec for 46 yds. Fleener caught 3 for 50. The Colts D was up to the task this week. They had 3 ints and Mathis had another strip sack fumble to increase his all-time lead to 41. No Fitzmagic on this day. Fitzcraptrick made an appearance going 21/37 201 yds 1 td 3 ints. He did rush 8 times for 54 yds with a td though. CJ?k ran 18 times for 69 yds and caught 6 for 32 with a td. Wright caught 6 for 77 and Washington 5 for 81. Pretty amazing that with this win, the Colts wrapped up the AFC South.



Bears 20 @ Vikings 23

I think the NFL is taking this parity thing a little too far. The Vikings played another overtime game and had a chance to have back-to-back ties. After exchanging missed field goals in overtime, the Vikings finally prevailed with a Walsh 34 yd field goal. Ponder started this game 3/8 40 yds but had to leave due to a concussion. Cassel came in and went 20/33 243 yds 1 td 1 int. ALL DAY. Enough said. 35 carries for 211 yds. Jennings led the receivers with 7 rec for 78 yds with a td. Patterson only caught 1 ball for 4 yds but had 2 rushes for 27 yds and a td. Carlson caught 4 for 61. For Da Bears, McCown filled in well for Cutler again going 23/36 355 yds 2 tds. Alshon Jeffery went crazy and broke his own franchise record with 12 rec for 249 yds 2 tds. BMarsh caught 4 for 45 and Martellus 2 for 14. Forte carried 23 times for 120 yds and caught 2 for 31. A costly loss for Da Bears as they fall 1 game behind the Lions for the division lead.



Dolphins 23 @ Jets 3

Now I know why Fireman Ed disowned the Jets. He left during the “butt fumble game.” Who would’ve thought that it could get worse than that? Fireman Ed. That’s who. The Jets had 177 yds of total offense. The D gave up 453 yds but part of that was due to the inept offense. Geno Smith was benched after going 4/10 29 yds 1 int. Simms mopped up and went 9/18 79 yds 1 int. Who cares which receivers caught passes because no one started them. Ivory carried 12 times for 61 yds and Powell 7 for 34. Nice 2013 draft for the Jets. Smith got benched and so did 1st round pick CB Dee Millner. He missed tackles and got abused all day. For the Fish, Tannehill had a great day going 28/43 331 yds 2 tds 1 int. The Jets have a great run D but an atrocious pass D with nonexistent pass rush. Hartline caught 9 for 127 yds 1 td. 60 Minutes caught 7 for 82 1 td. Clay caught 7 for 80. With Daniel Thomas lost for the year, the backfield belongs to Miller and he carried 22 times for 72 yds. Dolphins D had a field day with 4 sacks, 2 ints, and 1 fum rec. I wish Tebow was still on the Jets.



Cardinals 21 @ Eagles 24

After the Cowboys won on Turkey Day, the Eagles needed this win to stay tied atop the NFC East. They got the win against a tough Cardinals team that had to travel east. Foles continues to light it up going 21/34 237 yds 3 tds. He did throw his first int but it was brought back due to a penalty. When you are going good, you are going good. Press all the hard ways dealer!!! For as good as the Cards D is, they have been terrible against tight ends all year long. Sunday was no exception as Ertz caught 5 for 68 with 2 tds and Celek 4 for 29 with a td. Sign of a good coaching staff. Exploit the other team’s weakness. It baffles me why some coaches refuse to do this. Cooper caught 3 for 48 and DJax 3 for 36. Shady ran 19 times for 79 yds and caught 5 for 36. The Eagles D played well with 5 sacks, 2 ints, and 1 fum rec. For the Cardinals, Palmer went 24/41 302 yds 3 tds 2 ints. Floyd had another huge day with 5 for 99 1 td. Fitz also caught 5 for 72 1 td. Dray caught the 3rd td on 3 for 26. Mendenhall carried 18 times for 76 yds. Ellington did not play due to a sore knee.



Buccaneers 6 @ Panthers 27

The win streak continues for the Panthers. 8 in a row!!! Those 2 games with the Saints are going to be great. Caaaaaaaaaaaaam continues to lead the way going 18/29 263 yds 2 tds 2 ints with 5 carries for 68 yds 1 td. Olsen was the leading receiver with 5 rec for 85 yds. Smith only caught 3 for 51. Ginn caught a td on 2 for 47 and Lafell caught the other td on 3 for 36. DWill did not play due to injury so Stewart was the main back carrying 14 times for 39 yds with Tolbert carrying 9 for 48. The Bucs were just overmatched in this contest. After a nice little 3 game win streak, the Panthers served up some good ole fashion humble pie. Glennon was 14/21 180 yds 1 int. VJax only caught 3 for 75 and Underwood 3 for 51. Rainey carried 17 times for 63 yds. Next Sunday night!!! Panthers @ Saints. CAN’T WAIT!!!



Patriots 34 @ Texans 31

Another week. Another win for the Pats. Ho Hum. This was a great game with tons of action and both teams responding to each score. In the end, Brady and Belichick were too much. Brady was 29/41 371 yds 2 tds 1 int. Edelman continued his torrid streak with another 9 rec for 101 yds. Gronk caught 6 for 127 1 td. Amendola cuaght 5 for 54. Ridley was benched for this game so Blount rushed 12 times for 44 yds 1 td and Vereen carried 10 times for 38 and caught 5 for 37 1 td. For the Texans, Keenum was 15/30 272 yds 1 int. AJ caught 8 for 121. Graham 3 for 36 and Hopkins 2 for 77. Tate was the man for the Texans carrying 22 times for 102 yds 3 tds. As KGB said, “Pay that man his money.” Texans are 2-10. Crazy crazy crazy.



Falcons 34 @ Bills 31

Impressive win for the Falcons in Toronto. After falling behing 14-0 in the first quarter, they were able to send the game to OT and win it with a Bryant 36 yd fg. Bet the Falcons were glad this game was played in the dome instead of outside at Buffalo. Matty Ice was 28/47 311 yds 1 td. Roddy White finally broke out with 10 rec for 143 yds. Better late than never I guess. Douglas caught 6 for 73. Tony G caught 4 for 42 with the lone td. SJax carried 23 times for 84 yds 2 tds. Now that’s how it was supposed to look like. Smith rushed for the other td on a 38 yd scamper. For the Bills, EJ Manuel was 18/32 210 yds 1 td and rushed 4 for 3 1 td. Stevie caught 5 for 55 but had a huge fumble in OT when the Bills were driving that let the Falcons end the game. Chandler caught 4 for 63 and Woods 2 for 39. Spiller said that he was healthy and proved it rushing 15 times for 149 yds 1 td. FJax carried 11 for 42 1 td and caught 4 for 36 1 td.



Rams 13 @ 49ers 23

49ers flexed their muscles in this one. The score doesn’t indicate how dominant the Niners were. The Rams scored their lone td in garbage time with 18 seconds left. Kaepernick was 19/28 275 yds 1 td with 4 rushes for 21. Boldin caught 9 for 98. Davis caught 4 for 82 with the td. Crabtree made his debut from offseason Achilles surgery and looked explosive catching 2 for 68. The Incovenient Truth carried 15 times for 42 yds 1 td. The Niners D neutered the Rams and turned them back into the Lambs. Clemens was 19/37 218 yds 1 td 1 int. Cook caught 3 for 49. Quick caught the lone td on 3 for 41. Austin caught 4 for 25 and attempted a pass. Stacy did end up playing in the game and carried 19 times for 72 yds. For Rams fans, at least you get Washington’s first round pick this year.



Broncos 35 @ Chiefs 28

Another great game between these two heavyweights. Justin Houston was inactive for the Chiefs D but I don’t know how much it would’ve mattered. After a terrible game last week, Manning was on point going 22/35 403 yds 5 tds 2 ints. He’s thrown for 41 tds on the season!!! If he throws 3 tds/game for the last 4 games he will break the single season td record. Decker went bezerk with 8 rec for 174 yds 4 tds. Manning was looking for Decker all day. I know it’s tough to defend the Broncos because they have so many options, but C’MON MAN!!! I have the utmost respect for Bob Sutton but it was evident that Decker was abusing Flowers and Cooper. Give them help!!! After the 2nd td, shade the coverage to Decker. After the 3rd? Demarious caught 3 for 106. Welker 3 for 38. Moreno found it tough on the ground rushing 15 times for 18 yds but caught 4 for 72 1 td. Ball carried 13 times for 117 yds. The Chiefs proved that they could engage in a shootout. Smith went 26/42 293 yds 2 tds 1 int. That int was on the first drive of the game in the redzone that could’ve changed the complexion of the game. McCluster caught 5 for 43. Bowe 3 for 56. Hemingway caught a td on 3 for 42. Fasano caught the other td on 3 for 28.



Bengals 17 @ Chargers 10

Tough, gritty win for the Bengals travelling west. Very disappointing if you are a Chargers fan. Never know which team you are going to get. Rivers was 23/37 252 yds 1 td 1 int. Allen continues his stellar play with 8 rec for 106 yds. Green caught the td on 2 for 45. Gates caught 5 for 41. Mathews led the run attack with 14 carries for 61 yds and caught 5 for 31. Woodhead carried 7 times for 22 yds with only 2 catches for 13. For the Bengals, Dalton was 14/23 190 yds 1 td t int. Green caught the td on 5 for 83. Hawkins caught 3 for 65. The Law Firm carried 20 times for 92 yds 1 td. Gio rushed 14 times for 57 yds and only caught 1 for 9.



Giants 24 @ Redskins 17

Death, taxes, and an Eli Manning interception. He threw another one to up his league lead to 18. The Giants are so used to it that the team doesn’t get fazed by it. They were able to overcome the interception and 14-0 deficit. RG3 came out guns blazing completing his first 11 passes. He ended the night 24/32 207 yds 1 td with 12 rushes for 88. The Waiter caught 9 for 61. No Jordan Reed this game so Davis filled in catching 2 for 13 but had a crucial drop on the final drive. Alf scored a td but only got 11 carries for 26. He did catch 3 passes for 27. Eli ended the night 22/28 235 yds 1 td 1 int. Cruz caught 6 for 80 and came within ½ a yard from his 5th salsa. Myers caught 5 for 61 1 td. Nicks continued his farewell tour with 2 rec for 34 yds. Brown received 14 carries for 35 yds and scored 2 tds. He also caught 3 for 23. Hillis looked good in relief with 6 carries for 45 yds. Giants still in the hunt.


Psyched for tomorrow night’s Saints @ Seahawks showdown.


As usual, feel free to contact me @Stan_Son and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

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