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Sunday Recap


Written by Stan Son


Another crazy week of football. Defenses accounted for a safety, 1 punt return for a td, 1 fumble return for a td, and 4 pick 6’s!!!! KC remained undefeated and the Jags winless. There were countless injuries that made the week even crazier. On to the games…


Broncos @ Colts

I can’t even imagine the emotions that Manning was feeling in last night’s game. It definitely affected him though. He has been throwing wobbly ducks all year long but his accuracy was always on point. Last night, his accuracy, especially on the deep ball, was atrocious. Demarius was singled up all night and there were many throws where he didn’t even give him a chance. With that said, he still ended up with 29/49 386 yds 3 tds 1 int and the Broncos scored 33. Scary that even when the Broncos and Manning are off, that is the result. Here were my observations on this game. If the Broncos play like this, Seattle would destroy them. The Colts played tough man to man and gave Manning fits. What does Seattle do best? Mathis ate up Cook at LT. Manning felt pressure all night long. He was sacked 4 times and was hurried multiple times. His 1 interception was due to the pressure knocking his arm and allowing the ball to float up in the air. Butler, the slot CB for the Colts, was tremendous on Wes Welker (7 for 96) until the final drive of the night. Davis locked down Demarius (4 for 82 td). Decker (8 for 150 td) was the lone receiver who had a great day. Orange Julius had 5 for 41 td. The Colts are going to be awesome in the near future, especially when Chuck Pagano gets the players he wants for his defense. Remember he was the leader of those dominant Ravens defenses. The Colts wasted a draft pick on Trent Richardson (14 car 37 yds). He had a costly fumble and Donald Brown (11 car 23 yds 3 rec 42 yds) looked much better. The Broncos D is pretty terrible. The return of Von Miller did not help last night, but we will see if he can have an effect when he gets back into shape. The future is indeed bright for the Colts with Luck at the healm (21/38 228 yds 3 tds). Wayne caught 5 for 50 but left the game in the 4th with what looked like a knee injury. DHB caught a td on 4 for 44 and had a rush for 30 yds. Fleener caught a td on 5 for 38. Havili caught the 3rd td.



Buccaneers 23 @ Falcons 31

I was very impressed with the Falcons. They needed this win and came out inspired without their top 2 receivers and running back. Harry Douglas went ballistic and caught 7 for 149 yds with a td. Congratulations to all of you that scooped him off the wire. I was not a believer. I believe!!!! Matty Ice was 20/26 273 yds 3 tds. The run game was nonexistent with Jacquizz leading the way with 8 carries for 16 yds. He did catch 8 for 46 2 tds though. Tony G was neutralized with only 2 catches for 30. As impressed I was with the Falcons, I feel bad for Bucs fans and wouldn’t be surprised if Schiano is let go soon. They are winless on the season so there is that, but the more troubling thing is the misuse of personnel, especially on the defensive side of the ball. You have one of the best lock down corners in the game, yet you choose to play a lot of zone. The big news on offense was the injury to Dougie. He attempted to catch a ball right at the goal line and took a helmet to his right shoulder which forced him out of the game. Before he left, he had 11 carries for 47 yds and 1 catch. M. James filled in for Dougie and had 14 carries for 45 yds. The Glennon audition tour continued with 26/44 256 yds 2 tds. He knows that his best shot to get the gig is to continue to throw it up to Vjax. He had his second monster week with 10 catches for 138 and those 2 tds. M. Williams had 4 for 32 and touted week 7 tight end sleeper, T. Wright, only had 2 for 15.


Bengals 27 @ Lions 24

The alpha dog wide receivers showed up in this one. Welcome back Megatron and AJ Green. Megatron discovered some energon cubes and powered up for 9 catches for 155 yds 2 tds. One of those was a ridiculous 50 yd catch in the end zone over 3 defenders. Not to be outdone, AJ Green caught 6 for 155 with his td coming on a 82 yarder on the Bengals first possession of the game. With their BFF’s performing, the quarterbacks both gave their owners reason to rejoice. Dalton ended 24/34 372 yds 3tds and Stafford was 28/51 357 yds 3 tds. The explosive running backs were held in check. Gio with 7 carries for 27 yds and 5 catches for 32. Reggie had 20 carries for 50 yds with 3 catches for 44 yds. Another touted waiver wire tight end was bottled up. Such a shame because I enjoy watching to see which dance Fauria will perform when he scores. He only had 1 catch on the day. On the injury front, Bengals CB Leon Hall injured his achilles. Losing him for an extended period of time would be a huge blow for the Bengals D.


Bills 23 @ Dolphins 21

The Miami Heat are taking all the mojo from the state. Since basketball preseason began, NFL Florida football team has won a game. Granted, the Jags and Bucs are winless but still…..The Dolphins have definitely regressed after getting off to that hot 3-0 start. The offensive line has been offensive. They are not giving Tannehill the necessary time to guide this offense. The offensive line coach even had to come to the defense of Tyson Clabo after he got mauled by Mario Williams for two 4th quarter sacks. Tannehill ended the game 19/37 194 yds 3 tds but 2 ints. 60 Minutes caught 5 for 76 on 10 targets. Hartline had 6 rec for 69 yds on 11 targets. Gibson caught 2 tds on 5 balls for 40 yds. The versatile TE Clay caught 1 for 7 with a td. The run game was effective with Thomas carrying 12 times for 60 yds and Miller 9 for 43. Circle the Wagons of the Buffalo Bills!!! Practice squad superstar Thad Lewis led the team to a win with 21/32 202 yds 1 int. The defense had his back to the tune of 2 sacks, 2 ints with one being a pick 6. Stevie Johnson led the receivers with 6 for 61. Fred Jackson once again outperformed Spiller. Spiller owners must be sick to their stomachs. Fjax ended with 11 carries for 36 yds 1 td with 4 rec for 49. He had a scary moment early in the game where it looked like he injured his knee. He was able to return to game and looked to be fine. Spiller had 6 carries for 11 yds. Yuck….I didn’t see any injury news so he just sucked.


Patriots 27 @ Jets 30

J-E-T-S…JETS! JETS!! JETS!!! Geno!!! Geno!!! Geno!!! Lots of chanting here. After years of booing, it’s a welcome change for Jets fans. Rookie QB Geno Smith was impressive again on 17/33 233 yds 1 td 1 int. He also chipped in 6 carries for 32 yds and a td. Kerley was his favorite target with 8 rec for 97 yds and a td. A rookie quarterback’s best friend is a ground game and boy did C. Ivory provide it. He carried 34 times for 104 yds. Wow!!! I guess Rex is trying to get as many carries out of Ivory before he gets injured again. The Patriots D sure did miss Wilfork and Mayo. The nose tackle and linebacker would’ve made a noticeable difference to negate the ground and pound attack. I love watching this rivalry because Rex usually does such a great job defensively against Brady and the Pats. The Jets D held Brady to 22/46 228 yds 0 tds 1 int. Gronk finally played!!! And he looked really good. Once he gets back into the groove, the Pats O is going to be potent. Gronk caught 8 for 114. Edelman had 5 rec for 44 yds. The run game was split between Ridley (11 for 50 with a td) and Bolden (8 for 36 1 td). The Jets D ended with 4 sacks and 1 pick 6.


Cowboys 17 @ Eagles 3

The expected shoot out turned into a defensive doozy. Monte Kiffin says “Welcome to the NFL Chip.” While at USC and Chip Kelly at Oregon, Kiffin’s defenses routinely got shredded by the Quack Attack. Now that Kiffin has professional players and has had a lot of time and film to dissect the Kelly offense, his defense finally got the better of Chip. They held the Eagles to 278 yds of total offense, collected 3 sacks and 3 interceptions. Those ints came when Barkley was in the game because Foles got knocked out due to a concussion. Foles ended 11/29 for 80 yds while Barkley was 11/20 129 yds and those 3 ints. The vaunted run game was held to 84 yds with Shady only getting 18 carries for 55. The leading receivers for the Eagles were Cooper and Shady with 6 catches. Djax only had 3 catches for 21 yds and suffered an ankle injury. His status is pending. The Eagles D was up to the task this weekend as well. They had 2 sacks and kept the Eagles in the game until Barkley decided to throw it to the other team every possession. Romo was 28/47 317 yds 1 td 2 ints. Dez had a big game again with 8 for 110 but no scores. T. Williams caught the lone td on 6 for 71. Beasley continues to do his best Welker impersonation with 6 for 53. Witten caught 4 for 48. J. Randle filled in for the injured D. Murray with 19 carries for 65 yds with 3 catches for 28. Randle’s glory was vultured away by Tanner who punched in a goal line td.


Bears 41 @ Redskins 45

What do you know? Government reopens and the Redskins get a win. RG3 is starting to heat up folks. He ran 11 times for 84 yds and passed 18/29 298 yds 2 tds 1 int. A star is emerging in Jordan Reed. The Skins TE caught 9 for 134 yds with a td. He is fast, athletic and has great moves to separate from coverage. The Waiter caught 5 for 58. Shanahanigans reared it’s ugly head again. Alf carried 19 times for 95 yds BUT Helu ran 11 times for 41 yds with 3 tds!!!! Helu? Hello? What? Another crazy thing in this game was that Cutler got knocked out early in this game due to a groin injury and the Bears scored 41. What? Forte led the way with 16 carries for 91 yds and 3 tds. He also caught 2 for 18. Before he left the game, Cutler was 3/8 28 yds 1 int. McCown admirably filled in with 14/20 204 yds 1 td. B. Marshall caught 6 for 75 and A. Jeffery caught 4 for 105.


Rams 15 @ Panthers 30

This was an old fashioned brawl. Chris Long got ejected, Steve Smith was talking smack with Janoris Jenkins all game, and Sam Bradford was severely injured. Late in the game, Bradford scrambled to the sideline and was tackled down injuring his knee. Early reports are that he may be done for the year. I’ve also read reports that the Rams may be interested in Tebow. Seriously? Before he got injured, Bradford was 21/30 255 yds 1 td 1 int. Clemens subbed in for him. Stacy was the lone weapon running 17 times for 53 yds and catching 4 for 34 with a td. Austin caught 5 for 39 and Cook 4 for 33. The Panthers D had 4 sacks, 2 fum rec, and paced the game with a pick 6 in the opening minutes of the game. After being staked to a lead by the defense, Cam was not needed to do much. He ended 15/17 204 yds 1 td and ran 10 times for 26 yds. Smith caught 5 for 69 yds with a td. Olsen caught 4 for 47. Dwill ran 15 times for 40 and Tolbert 13 for 36 with the td.


Chargers 24 @ Jaguars 6

Impressive win for the Chargers. This was definitely a trap game flying east for an early game after an impressive win against the Colts the prior week. They got out to an early lead and never relented. The defense was very impressive. They had 6 sacks and an int. Rivers was 22/26 285 yds 1 td. Gates caught 6 for 31. Allen 3 for 67. Royal got back onto the fantasy radar with 4 for 69 and a td. Woodhead caught 4 for 47 while also running 9 times for 29 and a td. Mathews was the bell cow carrying 21 times for 110 yds and a td. It’s fitting that the Jags scored 6 points because they have scored 6 offensive tds all season!!! I bet Shad Khan wishes he could lower the difficulty setting to Pro. On the day, Henne was 23/36 318 yds 1 int. Shorts caught 8 for 80, Blackmon 6 for 58, and Brown 5 for 120. MJD ran 9 times for 37 yds.


49ers 31 @ Titans 17

Clash of the Titans. The Titans in name and the Titans of the NFL right now. The 49ers are really rolling now. Playing smash mouth, physical offense with a defense to match. Kaepernick was 13/21 199 yds with 11 rushes for 68 yds and a td. Boldin caught 5 for 74 and Davis 4 for 62. The Inconvenient Truth pounded the Titans with 24 carries 70 yds and 2 tds. The defense had 3 sacks and an int. Jake Locker was a surprising start. I garnered a lot of respect for him watching him in the game. He gritted out 25/41 326 yds 2 tds 1 int with 3 rushes for 29. CJ0k ran 9 times for 39 yds but salvaged his fantasy day with 4 rec for 71 yds and a td. Wright led the receivers with 9 for 98. Walker caught the other td on 3 for 25.


Browns 13 @ Packers 31

The score was a mirror image and so are these two teams. The Packers have a great QB in Aaron Rodgers (25/36 260 yds 3 tds). The Browns have a terrible QB in Brandon Weeden (17/42 149 yds 1 td 1 int). 40% completion percentage compared to 69%. Puke…The Packers have a good RB in Eddie Lacy (22 carries for 82 yds and a td). The Browns have old man McGahee as the lead back (11 carries for 39 yds). Both teams do have excellent receivers. Even with Cobb and Jones injured, the Pack still got production from Boykin (8 for 103 td), Nelson (5 for 42 td), and Finley (5 for 72 td). Finley did get injured late in this game with an apparent neck injury. On the Browns side, Cameron led the way with 7 for 55 and a td. Gordon was bottled up to the tune of 2 for 21.


Texans 16 @ Chiefs 17

Chiefs improved to 7-0. Kudos to Andy Reid and his whole staff. This was a nail biter and a hard fought victory due to the play of Chase Keenum. He was able to stop the pick 6 streak. Not only that, but he played composed and great all afternoon. He ended the day 15/25 for 271 yds with a td. The KC D did eventually get to him in the 4th, but before they did he was decisive and able to make plays outside of the pocket. He had 4 plays of over 20 yds. AJ caught 4 for 89 and Hopkins 3 for 76 and a td. Foster carried 4 for 11 before succumbing to injury. Tate carried the load with 15 carries for 50 yds. The Chiefs were led again by Charles (21 carries 86 yds 1 td with 3 rec for 37). Smith was 23/34 240 yds 1 int. Bowe was the leading receiver with 5 for 66. McCluster 4 for 70. The Chiefs D had 5 sacks and a key strip sack fumble recovery to ice the game.


Ravens 16 @ Steelers 19

In prior years, you see this score with these teams and you probably witnessed an awesome game with ferocious defenses. Now, you see this score with these teams and you say BOORRING. The defenses are still good but not great as in prior years. Big Ben grinded the Steelers to a win on 17/23 160 yds 1 td. Brown led the receivers with 6 for 50. Cotchery caught 4 for 41. Miller caught the lone td on 2 for 17. Bell led the ground game with an impressive 19 carries for 93 yds. The Ravens only fed Rice 15 times for 45 yds. Guess what happened? Ravens lose. How many times do they need to do this dance? Flacco was 24/34 215 yds 1 td. Rice, Brown, and Jones all had 4 catches. T. Smith caught 3 for 61. Clark caught the lone td. Both teams had 287 and 286 yds of total offense respectively.


Good luck to all those who have players going tomorrow night. To the rest of you, good luck with your bets. You degenerate gamblers.



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