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Weekend Recap


This is for all you Houston fans that were too disgusted to watch football on Sunday. This is for all of you that took the +27 on the Jags game and were too busy partying. This is for all of you that left the Pats game early.


Here’s what happened on Sunday if you happened to miss any of the games for whatever reason.


Saints 27 @ Patriots 30


The game of the day. Belichick outcoached Payton in this one. This was actually a defensive

battle until the end. Brees threw a 34yd td to Stills on 3rd and 20 with 3 minutes left in the gameto go up 1. With 2 minutes left, the Pats went for it on 4th down in their own territory which led to a Saints field goal. After receiving the kickoff, Brady threw an interception to ice the game right? Payton got ultra conservative and punted the ball back to Brady with 1:13. He then proceeded to march down the field and threw the game winner to Thompkins with 5 seconds left. This is why you never let your foot off the pedal. SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY!!!! Brady ended 25/43 269 yds 1 td 1 int. Dobson caught 6 for 63. Edelman 5 for 57. Thompkins 3 for 45 with the game winner. Amendola caught 2 balls and got knocked out of the game on a brutal hit. Check his status later in the week but he definitely looked dazed after the hit. Right on contact his body went limp. The big story leading up to this game was the status of Gronk. He did not play. The Saints were led by Brees with 17/36 236 yds 2 tds 1 int. Another example of Belichick outcoaching Payton was when he shadowed Jimmy Graham with Aqib Talib. Graham ended the day with a bagel. Sproles led the receivers with 6 for 58. Stills caught the td on 3 for 64. PT Cruiser had 11 carries for 51 yds with 1 catch for 29. UDFA Robinson carried 7 for 53 and scored a td. 


Bengals 27 @ Bills 24


The Bengals squeaked by the Bills in OT for a hard fought win on the road. After being in

control for 3 quarters, they were able to fend off a furious comeback attempt to lock it down.

When a passing game is struggling, the perfect remedy is to face the Bills secondary. They

allowed Dalton to shred them for 26/40 337 yds 3 tds 1 int. AJ Green got back on track after

visiting with Talib last week and caught 6 for 103 yds 1 td. Gio caught 6 for 72 1 td and Jones caught the other td. The run game was paced by the Law Firm-18 carries for 86 yds. Gio had 15 carries but could only muster 28 yds on the ground. With the injury to EJ Manuel and the suckitude of Tuel, Marrone handed the keys over to Thad Lewis, practice squad superstar. He got Ralph Wilson Stadium jumping when he led a 1st quarter TD drive by running it in from 3 yds out. He was bottled up after that until he threw 2 td passes in the 4th to tie the game up. He ended the day 19/32 216 yds 2 tds with 7 rushes for 17 yds 1 td. If any of you are thinking of grabbing him from the waiver wire, he did sprain his foot and was seen in a walking boot after the game. The run game was neutralized by the stout Bengals front. Spiller had 10 carries for 55 yds and Jackson 10 for 35. There was also a Choice sighting for some reason with 4 carries for 24 yds. Graham was the leading receiver with 4 rec for 74 yds but the tds were caught by Goodwin and Chandler.


Lions 31 @ Browns 17


Man…Weeden is terrible. He’s still on his rookie contract but he’s old enough to get retirement benefits right? After being given hope with Hoyer at the healm, the fans have to be subjected to Weeden. Puke. To make matters worse, Hoyer gave them a couple of wins which took them out of the “Play Dead for Ted” sweepstakes. Speaking of Weeden, he ended 26/43 292 yds 2 tds but 2 ints. Gordon continues to be beastly with 7 rec for 126 yds. Cameron ended 5 for 64 but most of that came in garbage time. I’d be concerned if I owned Cameron with Weeden at qb. Ogbonnaya caught 7 for 61 yds and a td. Little caught the other td. The pseudo run game was led by McGahee with 10 rushes for 37 yds. On the Lions side, Stafford’s BFF, Megatron, was able to suit up. He only ended with 3 rec for 25 yds but he opened everything up for his teammates. Stafford felt comfortable against a good Browns D with 25/43 248 yds 4 tds 1 int. Fauria led the team with 3 tds with 3 different end zone dances on 3 catches. All he does is catch tds. Durham had 8 rec for 83 yds. Bush had a productive day with 17 carries for 78 yds and 5 rec for 57 yds and a td. Bell only carried 7 times for 25 yds.


Raiders 7 @ Chiefs 24


The KC fans set the world record for loudest outdoor stadium noise!!! Woohoo!!!! It definitely didn’t happen when the offense was on the field. They were booooring. It definitely happened when on defense. The KC D was dominant-10 sacks, 3 ints and a pick 6. I love Bob Sutton’s scheme. He is aggressive, applies pressure and lets his playmakers make plays. They frustrated Pryor all day to the tune of 18/34 216 yds 1 td 3 ints. He did rack up 60 yds on 6 carries but most of that came early on. After adjustments, they kept Pryor contained in the pocket. Moore was the leading receiver with 5 rec for 82 yds and a td. Run DMC had 16 carries for 52 yds with 3 rec for 31 yds. The KC O was led by Charles-22 carries for 78 yds with 2 tds and 5 rec for 50. Smith continues to Trent Dilfer his way to wins. He ended the day 14/31 128 yds. I can’t wait for the Chiefs/Broncos game. The Chiefs have a dominant D with no O. The Broncos have a dominant O with no D. Oh, by the way they are both undefeated. Panthers 35 @ Vikings 10 Matt Cassel was bad, which is an improvement from Ponder. The Freeman era looks to be ready for takeoff. Because the Vikings fell behind early, All Day was only given 10 carries for 62 yds. Cassel ended 32/44 241 yds 1 td 2 ints. Rudolph was the main recipient with 9 rec for 97 yds 1 td. Jennings had 6 catches and Simpson with 4. What is management and the coaches doing with this team? Not only did you draft Ponder to be the franchise quarterback, but how do you trade multiple picks to move up to draft a player and not use him? I’m speaking of Cordarelle Patterson. He ends the game with 2 catches for 3 yards. Really? The Panthers are a strange team. They can look so dominant on both sides of the ball in some games yet look so feeble in others. Sunday they were dominant. Cam was truly Superman-20/26 242 yds 3 tds with 9 rushes for 30

yds and a td. LaFell caught 4 for 107 with a td. DWill carried 17 times for 64 yds and caught 5 for 53. Steve Smith caught 5 for 21 and a td with Tolbert catching the other td. The defense held the Vikings to 290 yds of total offense with 3 sacks and 2 ints.


Steelers 19 @ Jets 6


Steelers get their first win!!! Who knew that losing ping pong privileges in the locker room

would be that much of a motivation? That probably helped but playing a young Jets team

was most likely the reason. This was a defensive slug fest with the much maligned Steelers D

finally stepping up and getting turnovers. They ended the day with 2 ints and 3 sacks. Big Ben supplied the offense with 23/30 264 yds 1 td. His leading receiver was Brown with 9 rec for 86 yds. Sanders caught the lone td on a beautiful 55 yd pass play. Bell was stymied by the Jets D to 16 carries for 34 yds. The Geno Smith rookie tour was LeBeau’d. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau eats rookie quarterbacks for lunch. He held Geno to 19/34 201 yds with 2 ints. Cumberland was the leading receiver with 4 rec for 59 yds. The Steelers curtain limited Powell to 9 carries for 30 yds, Goodson to 4 for 29, and Ivory to 4 for 16. Full blown RBBC.



Eagles 31 @ Buccaneers 20


What’s with the water in Florida? Jags and Bucs both winless. Tebow anyone? Or maybe the

state sold it’s soul for Heat championships. In my fantasy world a state can have a soul ok? Let’s not get all metaphysical now. Back to football. Bucs stink. Glennon was 26/43 273 yds 2 tds 1 int. Vjax had a huge game with 9 rec for 114 yds 2 tds. Dougie only had 16 carries for 67 yds with 4 rec for 24 yds. If his owners didn’t jump off the ledge before, I think they all did after this game. This matchup with the Eagles was ideal. Bye Bye Dougie owners. If they jump off the ledge, then who takes ownership of Dougie then? I digress. Nick Foles. Wow. He looked REALLY good. I think he Wally Pipp’s Mike Vick. The run game was still effective and the pass game was on point. He ended the day 22/31 296 yds 3 tds. Djax caught 6 for 64 yds with 2 tds. Riley Cooper caught 4 for 120 with a td. Riley Cooper!!! Let that sink in. All I gotta say is Wally Pipp. Shady ran 25 times for 116 yds and caught 2 for 55. 


Packers 19 @ Ravens 17 


There’s a reason why Brett Favre had that streak of games started. The fans of Green Bay all

sold their souls. After he left, the injury bug was able to roam free, do it’s job unimpeded, and make up for lost time. The Packers lost their starting LT earlier this year, Clay Matthews last week and, in Sunday’s game, lost both James Jones and Randall Cobb. Cobb’s injury looked serious but the diagnosis for each will not be known until later in the week. The Packers D held the Ravens in check for 3 quarters. Because of this, the Pack were able to mitigate the loss of weapons by pounding Lacy to the tune of 23 carries for 120 yds. Rodgers ended 17/32 315 yds 1 td 1 int with the lone td coming on 64 yd bomb to Nelson. He ended the game 4 for 113 yds. Cobb had 4 for 53 before leaving due to injury. Jones had 1 for 10. Finley caught 3 for 75. The Packers D had 5 sacks and 1 fum rec. Flacco was bottled up all day until the 4th exploded for 2 4th quarter tds and ended with a line of 20/34 342 yds. Clark caught 4 for 81 yds with a td. Jones caught the other td. Rice had another quiet day-14 carries for 34 yds with only 3 catches for 15 yds. When will the Ravens learn?


Rams 38 @ Texans 13


Houston….we have a problem. Maybe the Texans should trade for Ponder. Tebow? At this point anyone would be an upgrade. Schaub was 15/21 186 yds but was knocked out of the game with an ankle injury. Enter Yates. Yikes. Yuck. 12/17 98 yds with 2 ints in the red zone-one being a pick 6. You can’t make this stuff up. If this was submitted to Hollywood, they would reject it for being unrealistic. AJ ended with 7 rec for 88 yds. Hopkins had 3 for 47 but fumbled, and Graham 2 for 25. Foster had a huge game with 20 carries for 141 yds with 4 rec for 57 yds to no avail. What happened to Houston’s D? Letting Stacy run for 79 yds on 18 carries. Allowing Bradford to throw for 3 tds? In their defense, he only threw 12/16 117 yds. Cook caught 2 for 45. Givens 2 for 20. Austin 1 for 3. Rams D ended with 5 sacks, 2 ints, 1 fum rec and a td. The Texans were favored by 9 in the game. Things that make you go hmmmmm.


Jaguars 19 @ Broncos 35


+27. Puleaassse. Broncos win but they did not look good. They led 14-12 at halftime. They

lost 2 fumbles on quarterback exchanges-one in shotgun and the other under center. The Jags intercepted Peyton for a pick 6. The defense gave up 362 yds of total offense. They allowed Henne to go 27/42 303 yds. He did throw 2 picks though. Blackmon had a monster game-14 rec for 190 yds. MJD carried 21 times for 71 yds and a td. Broncos D only had 2 sacks. They sure miss Von Miller. I’m curious to see how this defense performs when he’s back because right now they cannot cover anyone. The Jags D did a great job of getting pressure on Peyton with only a 4 man rush. Because of this, they were able to cover the passing game effectively. Well, they did build their teams to beat Peyton’s Colts so it’s understandable. Peyton ended the day 28/42 295 yds 2 tds 1 int. The focus on the passing game allowed Moreno to rush 15 times for 42 yds and 3 tds. He also chipped in with 7 rec for 62 yds. Demaryius only caught 3 for 78. Welker caught another td on 6 for 63. Decker had 5 for 50 and Orange Julius had 4 for 22 with the other td. Broncos/Colts next week. Can’t wait!!!


Titans 13 @ Seahawks 20


The Titans were the first team to have a lead against the Seahawks at CenturyLink. They led

after one quarter 3-0. Gregg Williams is really a great defensive coordinator. In the end, though, no one beats the Seahawks at home. Wilson was 23/31 257 yds with 10 rushes for 61 yds. Beast Mode carried 21 for 77 yds with 2 tds. He also caught 4 for 78. Tate had 5 for 33 and Baldwin 4 for 48. Fitzcraptrick could muster no Fitzmagic on this day-17/29 171 yds 2 ints. CJ0k carried 12 for 33. Wright led the receivers with 5 for 69. The Titans D scored the lone td on a 77 yd fumble recovery.


Cardinals 20 @ 49ers 32


The 49ers are finding their groove. They put a beatdown on their NFC West rival. They are

running the ball with their trademark physicality. Gore carried 25 times for 101 yds. The run

game takes pressure off of Kaepernick and allows him to take advantage of the defense when

they sell out to stop the run. He was 16/29 252 yds 2 tds 1 int. Both tds went to Davis, who went nuts with 8 rec 180 yds. Boldin only caught 3 for 28. Palmer led the Cardinals with 25/41 298 yds 2 tds 2 ints. Ellington looked explosive on 7 carries for 56 yds and a td. Mendy carried 10 for 40. Fitzgerald had a huge game with 6 rec for 117 yds with a td. 75 of those came on one play where he took a short pass and got loose for a house call. Floyd had 5 for 36 and Ellington chipped in 5 for 36.


Redskins 16 @ Cowboys 31


The Boys came back and righted the ship after their heartbreaking loss to the Broncos last

week. The defense and special teams led the way. They intercepted RG3 once and Dwayne

Harris returned a punt for an 86 yd td. The Cowboys win was more impressive when you factor in Demarcus Ware and Demarco Murray both leaving the game due to injury. Murray was on pace for a huge game before his injury cut his night short-7 carries for 29 yds 1 td with 2 catches for 21. Randle filled in for Murray with 11 for 17 with a td. Romo was a far cry from his performance last week-18/30 170 yds 1 td 1 int but he got the win. Dez caught 5 for 36 and Beasley caught 4 for 44. Williams caught the lone td. RG3 looked a little more explosive but still not like 2012 RG3. He ended the night with 9 carries for 77 yds but looked off in the passing game-19/39 246 yds 1 int. His accuracy was off and he had trouble finding open receivers. Garcon led the way with 6 rec for 69 yds. Reed looked good with 4 for 58.

We are getting into the meat of the fantasy season.


I hope not too many remotes were thrown at the tv. If you have players going tonight, good luck. Till next week.

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