If you missed the games, or ANY game, get a quick and fun summary of it from writer Stan Son









Broncos 51 @ Cowboys 48


The game of the day!!! Maybe for the rest of the year!!! While watching this game, I kept having to check my Xbox to see that it wasn’t on and I wasn’t watching a streaming Madden game online. This was the first game where Peyton looked mortal for a few series. Towards the end of the game, Dallas was able to get pressure and force some errant throws. They even induced an interception. Peyton’s first all season!!!! Dallas provided a blueprint on how to stop the Broncos right? Well…there were moments but Peyton still carved up this D for 33/42 414 yds 4 tds 1 int. He even ran one in. He must be getting bored of throwing them in. Gotta keep things fresh. Orange Julius led the way with 9 rec for 122 yds 2 tds. Decker, Moreno, Demarius, and Welker all had 5 catches with Decker and Welker each catching a td. Slot CB Orlando Scandrick was tremendous on Welker all day. Moreno did great in the run game with 19 carries for 93 yds and a td. Tony Romo was magnificent….until it mattered. Typical Romo. He was 25/36 506 yds and threw 5 tds. He was on point all day passing. When the rush got to him, he masterfully danced and pirouetted away from it then delivered strikes to all his receivers. Until he needed to most. With the game tied 48-48, Romo attempted to drive the Cowboys down for the winning score with 2 minutes left in the game. While pressured, he tried to fit it into triple coverage to Witten. His lone int. Game. Set. Match. Dez was a man amongst boys with 6 rec for 141 yds 2 tds. Witten caught 7 for 121 with a td. T. Williams caught 4 for 151 with a td. Even Beasley got into the act with 4 for 47 td. Murray only had 12 carries for 43 with a td as Romo took it upon himself to keep up with Peyton’s aerial antics.




Eagles 36 @ Giants 21



Did Peyton suck all of Eli’s mojo? Peyton is playing out of his mind right now and Lil Bro is playing like he has no mind. Giants are 0-5. There are many reasons for this start. A defense that doesn’t defend, an offensive line that is offensive, a run game that doesn’t go anywhere, and a quarterback that throws to the guys in the other jerseys. Eli was 24/52 334 yds 2 tds 3 ints with most of that coming in garbage time…AGAIN. Nicks finally showed up with 9 rec for 142 yds but had some more drops with an easy one in the endzone and gave up on some routes. Salsa didn’t dance today with only 5 for 48. Randle had a big day catching 6 for 96 with 2 tds. Say bye bye to Nicks next year. The troubles for Wilson continue in this horror season for him. He carried 6 for 16 yds and got an early td but left the game with a neck injury. Jacobs filled in not so admirably with 11 carries for 37 yds. Stash Andre Brown soon because he has a great chance to lock down this backfield when he comes back in week 10. Foles led the Eagles with 16/25 197 yds 2 tds. What??!!!! Vick injured his hamstring in the 2nd quarter after going 6/14 105 yds with 7 rushes for 79 yds. Whoever picked week 5 in the “When will Vick get injured pool” wins. Djax caught 7 for 132 yds with a td. Celek also caught a td on 3 rec for 47 yds. The Eagles passing game definitely looked better with Foles at the healm but at the expense of the running game. When Vick gets healthy, it’s going to be interesting which route Kelly chooses to go. I still believe Vick gives the Eagles offense the best chance. Shady had 20 carries but only 46 yds with a td. He also caught 6 balls for 46.




Saints 26 @ Bears 18



The Saints improved to 5-0 on the heels of their defense. Rob Ryan for President!!! We need him to motivate those guys in DC so the governement can open back up. The Saints offense took some time to get warmed up so Ryan had his unit hold the Bears to 1 first down in the first quarter and accumulated 2 sacks. They ended the day with 3 sacks and 1 fum rec and allowed the team to build a 23-7 lead in the 3rd quarter. Playing in Chicago, with the weather and long grass, has always given Brees and the offense trouble. Today was no exception. Brees was a mortal 29/35 288 yds 2 tds. PT Cruiser caught both of those tds. He had 9 catches for 55 yds and also led the ground game with 19 carries but only 36 yds. Sproles was quiet with 3 carries for 10 yds and 3 catches for 31 yds. Graham had another 100 yd game-135 yds on 10 receptions. After Bad Cutler reared his ugly head last week, Jay was definitely a little more conservative today until the score forced him to sling it around. He ended the day 24/33 358 yds 2 tds with most of that coming in garbage time. Alshon Jeffery had a monster game with 10 rec for 218 yds 1 td. If you didn’t pick him up after last week’s explosion, probably a good idea to. Marshall had 4 for 30 with a td. Bennett had 5 rec for 56 yds. The run game had to be abandoned after falling behind. Forte only had 12 carries for 55 yds and only 4 rec for 40 yds.




Patriots 6 @ Bengals 13



After scraping together 4 wins to enter this contest undefeated, the Patriots were finally neutered by the stout Cincy D and Mother Nature. The Bengals D held the Pats to 248 yds of total offense. They accumulated 4 sacks, 1 int and 1 fum rec. Mother Nature entered into the fray in the 4th quarter and brought a torrential downpour which caused multiple drops and caused havoc on the Pats passing game. Brady ended 18/38 197 yds with 1 int coming on his last throw. Amendola returned and caught 4 for 55. Edelman had 2 for 35 but dropped a potential game tying td in the 4th. Bolden led the team in catches with 6 for 40. The run game was led by Blount with 12 carries for 51 yds. On the other side, Dalton was 20/27 212 yds 1 int. AJ Green had 5 rec for 61 and Eifert had 5 for 53. The Law Firm led the running attack with 19 carries for 67 yds 1 td. Gio Bernard chipped in 13 for 62 and only 2 catches for 7.




Lions 9 @ Packers 22



No Megatron=no win for the Lions. Megatron was a surprising inactive for this game. Without his BFF, Stafford struggled all day to the tune of 25/40 262 yds 1 td. 3 players had 4 rec-Pettigrew, Scheffler and Bell. Durham caught the lone td on 3 catches for 30 yds. The surprising thing was the underuse of Reggie Bush. He only carried the ball 13 times for 44 yds with 4 catches for 25 yds, but was not on the field late in the game. I did not see any injury news. Because the Packers D had the Lions on lock down, the Packers were able to utilize the ground game. Lacy had 23 carries for 99 yds. A-Rod was a pedestrian 20/30 274 yds with a beautiful 83 yd td to James Jones. Jones ended the day 4 for 127 with that td. Nelson had 5 for 82, Cobb 4 for 35, and Finley 6 for 32.




Chiefs 26 @ Titans 17



No Fitzmagic on this day. Chiefs improve to 5-0 with great defense and Jamaal Charles. Charles led the way with 22 carries for 108 1 td and 5 rec for 37 yds. Alex Smith was 20/39 245 yds but threw an int. Bowe had 4 rec with 35 yds and Avery had 3 for 91. The KC D had 2 ints, 1 fum rec, 3 sacks and a td. Fitzmagic provided some spark with 6 carries for 50 yds and a td but threw those 2 ints with 1 td on 21/41 257 yds. Wright led the receivers with 6 rec for 74 yds. Washington only had 3 for 30. CJ?K only had 10 carries for 17 yds but caught 4 balls for 63 yds with a huge 49 yd one for a td.




Seahawks 28 @ Colts 34



Another unbeaten bites the dust. The Seahawks can’t be beaten at home but on the road is a different story. This was billed as a measuring stick game. The Colts are the real deal then. They are playing tough defense, running the ball with physicality, and have Luck to orchestrate the offense. Luck ended the day 16/29 229 yds 2 tds. Wayne had 6 rec for 65 yds but the hero was TY Hilton. 5 recs for 140 yds 2 tds!!!!! Trent led the ground attack with 18 carries for 56 yds but it was Donald Brown who scored the td. Fleener only had 2 catches and DHB had a bagel. The Seahawks were led by Russell Wilson. He passed for 15/31 210 yds 2 tds 1 int but had 13 carries for 102 yds. Beast Mode had 17 carries for 102. Tate caught 5 for 61 with a td. Baldwin also had 5 catches for 80 yds. Kearse caught the other td. The Colts D outperformed the more respected Seahawks D with 1 fum rec, 1 int, 2 sacks and a td compared with 2 sacks and 2 fum rec for Seattle.




Jaguars 20 @ Rams 34



Jags lose again. “Play Dead for Ted” is alive and well. To further that cause, after trading T Eugene Monroe to the Ravens the Jaguars lost 1st rd pick T Luke Joeckel to a broken right ankle ending his season. The Rams offense was able to get back on track after some horrendous performances the last few weeks. Bradford was 19/34 222 yds with 3 tds. Always nice playing the University of Jacksonville to get one’s confidence back up. Pettis led the receiving crew with 4 rec for 49 yds 2 tds. Kendricks caught the other td on 4 for 37. Austin and Cook only had 3 recs. Gabbert started the game and had a line of 9/19 for 181 yds 1 td 2 ints before leaving the game with a hamstring injury. Henne replaced him and went 7/13 89 yds 1 td. Blackmon made a triumphant return from his 4 game suspension and caught 5 for 136 with a td. Shorts also had a nice day with 5 for 74 and a td. MJD carried 17 times for 70 and caught 2 for 16.




Ravens 26 @ Dolphins 23



Order restored for the Ravens. Every year, they try and get cute and want to see if Flacco can become their Peyton Manning. And every year they lose games because of it and decide to go back to their true identity. Feed Rice.=Ravens win. Rice carried 27 times for 74 yds with 2 tds. He also caught 6 for 28. Pierce carried 11 for 46. Flacco was 19/32 269 yds 1 int. Torrey Smith caught 6 for 121. After starting 3-0, the Dolphins have lost consecutive games. Tannehill was 21/40 307 yds 1 td. Wallace led the receivers with 7 rec for 105 but still drops way too many balls. Gibson and Hartline caught 4 balls and Clay chipped in 3. The run game was nonexistent. The Ravens front held Miller to 7 carries for 15 yds.




Panthers 6 @ Cardinals 22



Neither team wanted to win this game. They each kept giving the other team a chance to snatch victory. In the end, the Panthers happened to be worse resulting in a default win for the Cardinals. Both defenses had 3 ints but the Cardinals D had 7 sacks. The Panthers D limited the Cardinals to 250 yds of total defense but it wasn’t enough. Palmer was terrible with a line of 19/28 175 yds 1 td 3 ints. Floyd led the way with 5 rec for 61 yds. Fitz had 3 for 43. Dray caught the lone td. Mendenhall carried the ball 17 times for 43 yds with a td but Ellington had a more productive day with 7 carries for 52 yds with 4 rec for 31. Cam was 21/39 for 308 yds 3 ints. Olsen was the leading receiver with 5 for 79. Ginn, Smith and LaFell all had 4 catches. D. Will carried 12 times for 39 yds. Cam only had 4 carries for 25.




Texans @ 49ers



How many Schaub jerseys were burned this weekend? Schaub is doing his best 2009 Jake Delhomme meltdown impersonation. He has now thrown a pick 6 four weeks in a row!!! On the night, he ended 19/35 173 yds 3 ints. The Texans have a great team but with a mentally rattled quarterback. It’s too bad that quarterback happens to be the most important position on a football team. Yates made an appearance as the game got out of hand. Daniels was the leading receiver with 6 for 60. AJ was shut down to the tune of 3 for 39. Hopkins had 2 for 23. Foster carried 21 times for 98 yds with 4 catches for 20. Tate had 7 carries for 28 and a fumble. The 49ers dominated this game so badly that Kaepernick only threw the ball 6/15 113 yds 1 td. 64 of those yards came on 1 td pass to Vernon Davis. He ended 3 for 88. Boldin caught 2 for 21. The Inconvenient Truth carried 17 times for 81 yds with a td. Dixon vultured a td.




Chargers @ Raiders



A hard fought battle between 2 familiar AFC West foes. The Raiders dominated all 3 phases of the game for 3 quarters. Terrelle Pryor came out on fire and threw 2 first quarter touchdowns. One to Rod Streater for 44 yds and the other to Denarious Moore. He finished the day 18/23 221 yds 2 tds with 8 carries for 39. The Raiders D held the Chargers to 3 first half points. The special teams recovered a muffed punt and blocked a field goal attempt. The defense forced a Woodhead fumble and Woodson returned it for a td. The Raiders led 24-3 at the end of 3. The Chargers then mounted a furious 4th quarter comeback. Rivers went crazy and started slinging it all over the field. He ended the night/morning 36/49 411 yds 2 tds but had 3 ints. A crucial one in the end zone that could have brought the Chargers to within one score. The Chargers had no run game all night. The leading receiver was Brown with 8 for 117. Woodhead caught 9 for 58 with a td. Allen also had a great game with 6 for 115 with a td and barely missing a second. Gates ended with 7 for 74. For the Raiders, Jennings led the McFadden-less rushing attack with 10 carries for 41 yds. Moore had 5 rec for 84 yds and a td. Streater caught 3 for 56 1 td. The defense ended with a fum rec, 3 ints, 2 sacks, and a td. Al Davis is smiling tonight!!!!

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