This was the week of roster management. Many stars had their lights shut off due to injury while one was straight traded. Often times, fantasy football championships are won from those mid round picks. Hope you handcuffed your studs. On to the games.






Packers 30 @ Bengals 34

The Packers were up by 3 late in the fourth quarter. Rather than attempt a 47 yard field goal, they went for it on 4th and 1 and subsequently fumbled the ball with the Bengals returning it for a touchdown. I thought that only happened playing Madden. The waiver wire darling, James Starks, had 14 carries for 55 yds but injured his knee and did not finish the game. His replacement, Johnathan Franklin, filled in admirably with 13 carries for 103 yds 1 td. He also caught 3 balls for 23 yds. It wasn’t all roses though. He was the one responsible for the fumble that was returned for a td. The Bengals D did a great job against Aaron Rodgers. He was visibly frustrated and ended the day 26/43 244 yds 1 td 2 ints. Nelson was the leading receiver with 8 for 93. Cobb chipped in 5 for 54 and James Jones caught the lone td. The Bengals continue to increase the reps for Gio Bernard and it contines to pay dividends. Bernard carried the ball 10 times for 50 yds with a td. He also caught 4 for 49. The Law Firm had 10 carries for 29 yds 1 td. It’s only a matter of time before Bernard takes the lead role. Dalton was 20/28 235 yds 2 tds 1 int. AJ Green had 4 catches for 46 with a td.



Rams 7 @ Cowboys 31

What a beatdown. Do you think the Rams regret trading away the rights to RG3? They did get well compensated for that trade but man…they looked totally inept after spending the offseason surrounding Bradford with weapons galore. Bradford ended the day 29/48 240 yds 1 td but most came in garbage time. The run game was inept early on and abandoned when the score got out of hand. Pead led the way with 6 carries for 20 yds. He was also the leading receiver with 7 rec for 43 yds. After catching 1 ball last week, Cook rebounded somewhat for 5 rec 44 yds. Givens had 2 for 54 and Austin 6 for 30. Pettis caught the lone td. For the Cowboys, DeMarco Murray was a beast. Feed that man!!! 26 carries for 175 yds 1 td with 3 rec 28 yds. I thought the Rams had a good D but Murray just seems to have their number. After the drama all week in Dallas concerning the run game, I think they addressed that this week. When Murray got tired or the coaches just felt like throwing the ball, Romo had no problems going 17/24 210 yds with 3 tds. Witten was the leading receiver with 5 rec for 67 yds. Dez was 4 for 38 1 td. Harris and Escobar caught the other tds. Miles Austin hurt his hamstring during this game. Check on his status during the week.



Chargers 17 @ Titans 20

Jake Locker threw a 34 yd touchdown pass to Justin Hunter with :15 seconds left in the game to lead the Titans to a 3 point come from behind win. Locker still struggles with his accuracy but ended the day 23/37 299 yds with the money td at the end. What makes Locker dangerous is his running ability. He carried the ball 5 times for 68 yds with a td. CJ?k carried 19 for 90 yds. Nate Washington led the receivers with 8 for 131. Britt had a bagel on 5 targets. As for the Chargers, what a difference it makes when the opposing defense actually plays defense. The Titans D held the Chargers to 277 yds of total offense. They did not give up the big play. Rivers was an efficient dink and dunk master-20/24 184 yds 1 td. Mathews carried 16 for 58. Woodhead was the leading receiver with 7 for 55 yds. Gates had 5 for 55 with a td. The blind free agent bid buster, Eddie Royal, caught 2 for 34.



Browns 31 @ Vikings 27

Who knew that all it took to get a win was to trade the best offensive player and start the 3rd string quarterback? Brilliant!!! Much props to Michael Lombardi. “They” say the NFL is a copycat league. Does anyone else follow the template? Brian Hoyer was 30/54 for 321 yds 3 tds 3 ints. McGahee “led” the running attack with 8 carries for 9 yds. Ogbonnaya had 2 carries and Rainey had 4. RBBC. Josh Gordon came back from his suspension to abuse the Vikings secondary to the tune of 10 rec for 146 yds 1 td. Jordan Cameron had 6 rec for 66 yds AND 3 tds!!! Don’t we fantasy footballers get 6 points per td? Waaaaaay too many 666’s there. The Cleveland D was good. 1 int and a lot of pressure. 6 sacks in total. Mingo looks like the real deal. As for the Vikings, how do you lose this home game? All Day had 25 carries for 88 yds 1 td with 6 rec for 27 yds. The defense had 3 ints and special teams recovered a fumble. The answer to the previous question? Christian Ponder. He ran for 2 tds on 5 carries for 46 yds and threw 25/42 for 228 yds 1 int but misses throws, cannot take advantage of having Peterson behind him, and cannot convert 3rd downs when the defense knows he has to throw. Rudolph caught 5 for 28 yds and Jennings was 3 for 43. He did connect with Patterson on a 37 yd bomb. He needs to take advantage of those one-on-one matchups to silence the Matt Cassell chants.



Buccaneers 3 @ Patriots 23

Speaking of quarterback futility…I saw a tweet that Mike Glennon was warming up on the sidelines during this game. Josh Freeman’s time is slowly ticking away. He was 19/41 for 236 yds 1 int. @AlbertBreer tweeted “Patriots start the game in ‘man’, with a single-high safety. Shows they want to stop the run and don’t respect Freeman.” Even with the stacked box, Dougie ran well carrying 20 times for 88 yds with 2 catches for 20. Mike Williams led the receivers with 5 for 65 yds. Vincent Jackson had 3 for 34 but left the game early with injured ribs. For the Patriots, Brady was 25/36 for 225 yds 2 tds 1 int. His one pick came in the endzone. Blount led the rushers with 14 for 65 yds. Ridley only had 11 carries for 35 yds. Dobson led the receivers with 7 for 52. Edelman had 7 for 44. Thompkins was 3 for 41 and caught both the tds.



Cardinals 7 @ Saints 31

Rob Ryan for mayor!!! He has transformed this defense into a viable unit. They held the Cardinals to 248 yds of total offense while accumulating 2 ints and 4 sacks. We know the offense is good in New Orleans. If they have a complementary defense, watch out. Speaking of the offense, Brees was 29/46 342 yds 3 tds 1 int. Yawn. He did run one in though. Yipeee. Jimmy Graham is good-9 rec for 134 yds 2 tds. Does this make sense to you? Jared Cook gets doubled every snap yet I continue to see Graham jumping over one defender for touchdowns. Hmmm. The running game was led by PT Cruiser with 11 for 28 and caught 6 for 39. Ingram was inactive for this game with a toe injury. There are also rumblings that he wants to be traded out of New Orleans. Colston had 5 rec for 71 yds and Sproles had 4 for 39. Lance Moore continues to be MIA-1 catch for 6 yds.



Lions 27 @ Redskins 20

Lions win!!! Lions win!!! First win EVER in Washington. Stafford was 25/42 for 385 yds 2 tds 1 int. Megatron caught 7 for 115 1 td. Fauria caught another td. Burleson had a good day catching 6 for 116. Reggie Bush was out this game so Joique Bell filled in and filled in well-20 carries for 63 yds 1 td and he caught 4 for 69. RG3 continued his preseason going 32/50 326 yds 1 int. The int was a terrible throw when he got flushed out of the pocket, rolled right and threw it. He did have a beautiful long bomb to Robinson that would’ve been a touchdown if Robinson didn’t bobble the ball at the end. Alf carried 15 times for 73 1 td. That td was a long 30 yd scamper. The Waiter caught 8 for 73 and Moss had 7 for 77.



Giants 0 @ Panthers 38

If I ever hear the stupidity of Eli being a better quarterback than Peyton again, I will puke and punch them in their cyber face. Eli had 119 yds in this game with an int. The Panthers D was dominant with 7 sacks but 119 yds? They did this without several members from their secondary missing. David Wilson didn’t fumble. Woohoo!! He did carry 11 times for 39 yds. He did have a nice 20 yd touchdown run nullified due to penalty though. No salsa dancing today-3 for 25. Nicks was shutout with 1 target. Pretty pathetic showing by the G men. The Panthers were firing on all cylinders. Shula finally got creative and used some read option plays for Cam. He ran 7 times for 45 yds 1 td. He also threw 15/27 223 yds 3 tds 1 int. Deangelo Williams ran 23 times for 120 yds. LaFell caught 2 tds ending the day with 3 catches for 53 yds. Ginn caught the other td. Olsen had 4 rec for 54 yds. Steve Smith caught 3 for 40 but injured his hip. He did return to the game so it doesn’t seem too serious.



Texans 9 @ Ravens 30

Guess the Texans were overrated. After 2 nail biters, they were handled by the Ravens on Sunday. Schaub was 25/35 for 194 yds 1 int. Foster was 12 for 54 yds and Tate was 9 for 36. Andre Johnson caught 5 for 36 and Hopkins caught 6 for 60. Daniels caught 5 for 29. At least K Bullock didn’t miss this weekend and went 3/3. The Ravens D dominated this game-1 int, 3 sacks and 1 td. On the offensive side of the ball, Rice was out this game. Pierce stepped in for 24 carries 65 yds 1 td. Flacco was 16/24 171 yds. Torrey Smith caught 5 for 92.



Falcons 23 @ Dolphins 27

Paging Mercury Morris. Dolphins are 3-0. I wonder if he would talk smack if this team challenged perfection. Tannehill was 24/35 236 yds 2 tds 1 int. The game winning drive was a thing of beauty. Meticulous and composed he was. Brandon Gibson was the leading receiver with 6 for 49 yds. Hartline was 4 for 56 with a td. Clay had 4 for 40. Sims caught the other td. Miller looked explosive in the run game with 8 carries for 62 yds. Thomas had 5 for 21 and vultured the goalline carry for a td. As for the Falcons, Matty Ice was 23/38 231 yds 2 tds 1 int. With no Steven Jackson, Rodgers led the run game with 18 carries for 86 yds. Snelling had 11 for 53 with 4 rec for 58 yds 1 td. Julio Jones was a man with 9 rec for 115 yds. Tony G had 4 for 24. Roddy White had 2 for 16.



Colts 27 @ 49ers 7

This game was a shocker. The Colts came into Candlestick and put a beat down on the 49ers. That Monday night bludgeoning from the Seahawks had to have had an effect. So did the loss of Vernon Davis. I think a worry for the 49ers is that they’ve been exposed the last few weeks. They do not have receivers that can gain separation from tight man coverage. The read option is nonexistent. Colin Kaepernick is still a young quarterback learning the position. He had a line of 13/27 150 yds 1 int. Boldin led the receivers with 5 for 67 yds. Kaepernick was only able to rush 7 times for 20 yds and was sacked 3 times. The shocking thing in this game was that the 49er run game was very effective early on, but they went away from it as the game progressed. Gore ended the day with 11 carries for 82 yds. The SF D only had 1 sack and were “out-muscled.” They also lost Patrick Willis to injury. For the Colts, they pounded the 49ers. Bradshaw carried 19 times for 95 yds 1 td. New toy Trent Richardson carried 13 for 35 yds and a td. Luck didn’t have to do much and threw 18/27 164 yds. His leading receivers were Wayne and DHB, both with 5 rec. The 49ers have a short week and have to play the Rams Thursday night. Gonna be interesting to see if the Rams can expose the 49ers the same way and if the 49ers are physically up to the challenge. Grab your popcorn.



Jaguars 17 @ Seahawks 45

The only people interested in this game were the degenerate gamblers. The point spread was Seahawks -19.5. The owners of the Seahawks D were wondering how many points they would score. This was such a laugher that Russell Wilson was pulled in the 3rd quarter after posting a line of 14/21 202 yds 4 tds 1 int. Tavaris Jackson came in and went 7/8 129 yds 1 td. Beastmode carried 17 times for 69 yds. Even Christine Michael made an appearance with 9 for 37. Tate caught 5 for 88. Rice also had 5 for 79 with 2 tds. Baldwin caught a td. Miller caught 2 tds. Speaking of the defense, they recovered a fumble, had 2 ints and 3 sacks. The Jags showed some heart. Henne was 18/38 235 yds but 2 ints. MJD carried 19 times for 43 yds 1 td. Todman had a rushing td as well. Shorts had a nice game with 8 rec for 143 yds. If the Jags move to LA, I will puke.



Bills 20 @ Jets 27

The Penalty Bowl. The Bills had 7 penalties for 87 yds. The Jets had 20 for 168 yds. They had more penalty yards than the Giants had in total offense. Oh those silly New York teams. Geno Smith was 16/29 331 yds 2 tds 2 int. He had 2 great long touchdown throws. One to Hill, right when he was about to get crushed and another one to Holmes, who won the 1-on-1 battle for the ball. Hill ended the day 3 for 108 and Holmes 5 for 154. Powell paced the run game with 27 carries 149 yards. Geno ran in the lone td. Ground and Pound is back!!! Oh what a competent quarterback can do for the run game. The Jets D was great with Rex calling a masterful game. They had 8 sacks and had constant pressure on Manuel. EJ ended the day 19/41 243 yds 1 td with 6 rushes for 40. Stevie Johnson was the leading receiver with 6 rec for 86 yds. Chandler caught 5 for 79 with the lone td. Old man Fred led the run game with 7 carries for 72 yds with 4 rec for 37 yds. Spiller had an atrocious game-10 carries for 9 yds with 3 fumbles. He injured his knee during the game and was seen walking to the locker room. So much for running him till he pukes. Maybe Marone meant making his fantasy owners puke.


Bears 40 @ Steelers 23

An impressive win for the Chicago Bears. They came out humming to take a 24-3 lead. Give credit to the Steelers for fighting to the end. Polamalu jumped through the line to block an extra point when the score was 40-23. The Steelers closed the gap to a touchdown in the 4th quarter but the Bears seemed to just flip on a switch then…BANG!! BANG!!! Cutler td then Peppers returns a fumble for a score. Game. Set. Match. The Bears D continues to impress. They had 3 sacks, 2 ints, 4 fumble recoveries and scored 2 tds. That unit alone may outscore the Jags on the season. The offense was equally impressive. Cutler was 20/30 159 yds 1 td and ZERO ints. Forte is such a smooth player-carried 16 times for 87 yds 1 td and caught 4 balls for 24 yds. Too bad Bush vultured a td or his day might have been even better. Jeffery was the main receiver catching 7 for 51. Marshall had 5 for 52. Martellus Bennett only caught 2 for 10 and Earl Bennett caught Cutler’s only td pass, a beautiful grab on the side of the endzone. As for the Steelers, it’s a good thing they have Roethlisberger. He mitigates a lot of the poor offensive play. His line was 26/41 406 yds 2 tds 2 ints. Antonio Brown was a human highlight film  with 9 rec for 196 yds with 2 tds. In the run game, Felix Jones started the game but then fumbled and was promptly replaced by Dwyer. Dwyer had 12 carries for 39 yds but was huge in blitz pick up.


Till next week.


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