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Jump in now - get a free contest thanks to DobberFootball!




Challenge the DobberSports Football guys in a contest for real $ - not "just" bragging rights in your office league, but REAL CASH!


If you haven't seen these yet, is one of a new breed of fantasy football games where you can make your picks on a weekly/daily basis and picking your players based on groups or "tiers".  With the same choices as everyone else, you get to decide which players will step it up.



In this week's free roll - it costs zero to enter and $1000 in cash will be given out.  Got something better to do than show off your fantasy football knowledge?  Don't lie to me - get in there and win some money!!


I'll post my top 3 players at each position in this contest in the Sunday morning ramblings - tune back to get my tips if you want them - or just go it on your own and see if you match up.


Good luck and jump in!!






Choose one player from each of eight tiers. Scoring rules:


PaTD 4 pts   DTD 6 pts
PaYd .04 pts   RTD 6 pts
RuTD 6 pts   DINT 1 pt
RuYd .1 pts   FR 1 pt
RecTD 6 pts   Sack .5 pts
RecYd .1 pts   SFTY 2 pts
Rec .5 pts   DPA -.5 pts
2pt 2 pts      
INT -1 pt      
FL -1 pt      
RTD 6 pts      

Note: DST start with 12 pts for DPA








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