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Will Reggie Bush be a top RB option in the Lions crazy pass attack?  Jim Lucas has the answer



Player: Reggie Bush


2012 Stats: Att: 227 Yards: 986 TD: 6 YPC: 4.3

Current ADP: 39.8


Background: Reggie Bush may finally be in the perfect situation for him. When he was with the Saints, he had all the potential in the world, but he couldn’t stay on the field. When he went to Miami, he seemed to gain some traction, but Miami simply wasn’t ready for Reggie Bush, their offense just wasn’t good enough to open up the space that Bush needs to run. Bush is an extremely elusive OPEN FIELD runner. Miami couldn’t provide him with that, and although Bush showed he could run between the tackles some, it wasn’t enough to make him all that fantasy relevant. Now Bush is with the Lions, and with a team that could highlight him, the way he needs to be highlighted. The Lions, with Stafford and Calvin Johnson, should be able to back the defense off enough to give bush the running room he needs. Another interesting note, is the amount of targets that went towards the running backs last year.


That number: 129.


I could make the argument that the above number will go up this year with Stafford having Bush there. Bush is a great pass catcher, and a ridiculous open space runner. There is going to be an immense amount of plays in the Lions play book to get him the ball on screens, and short passes over the middle. As Stafford becomes more comfortable, and as Bush proves himself in the offense, it will only get better with time.



Reasons Bush’s draft stock may rise:


At this point in the preseason, I don’t think there is much of a case that Bush’s draft stock will rise, although it should. This guy is going to have a legitimate chance to catch over 90 balls this year from the RB position. He should have no problem eclipsing 1500 all-purpose yards. And you know he is going to take at least a handful of those screens for long scores. So if your league gives bonus points for long TD receptions, this is a guy you are going to want to look at. But through all of the mocks, and real league drafts I have done, he continues to be drafted in the middle of the fourth round.  


Reasons Bush’s draft stock may fall:


Again, at this point, he is probably going to continue to be drafted where he is being drafted. The only thing that should cause his draft stock to fall is if he gets injured during practice before the start of the season. There is some reason to fear Leshoure, even though he has fallen behind Bell on the depth chart. Leshoure can be a touchdown vulture, but I don’t think we are going to be seeing as many short yardage carries with the Lions as was seen last year. Simply due to the fact that Calvin was amazingly stopped on a deep pass inside the 5 yard line a whopping 8 times last year.




I was able to snatch Bush with my 4th round pick in a draft I did last night. I had the 12th pick, in a 12 team league. So I used my first pick of the 4th round on him, knowing I wouldn’t see him again. If you are drafting toward the back end of a draft, this is guy to target in round 4. He will be there, and he is going to give you the flexibility in your first 2 picks of taking a RB & a WR, or if you want to be really strong at RB, you can take two RB’s with your first two picks, and snatch up Bush to be your flex. For his draft position, the guy is nothing but value in a PPR league. Bush should be a stone cold lock for 80 catches, although I really suspect he pushes close to 100. But again, this all hinges on Bush staying healthy. I expect the Lions to run more than half of their offense through Calvin and Bush, and the Lions are likely to be in shoot outs. Which usually doesn’t bode well for running backs, but in this situation, it does. This guy is a steal for the fourth round and could give you security at the RB position as your flex, be a trading chip down the line if you feel his health is a risk. I feel that Bush is going to show well early on in the season, and if your team needs more help at another position, you may be able to get some really good value in a trade for him. As for me, I’m going all in on Bush, and will be holding onto him all season.


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